GlobalPlatform for Regulators & Government Entities

GlobalPlatform provides standardized technologies and certifications for use in mapping security mandates to market needs.

Regulatory bodies and government entities around the world use GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies and certifications to ensure their mandates map to market needs and security requirements and provide the flexibility to support multiple designs and solutions.

What Does GlobalPlatform Offer Regulators?

GlobalPlatform’s standardized technology is created collaboratively by its membership, which is comprised of leading companies that are driving security and privacy around the world.

Regulatory bodies and government entities can leverage these industry recognized and widely adopted specifications to create security mandates that meet specific market needs and map to widely available technologies.

Regulatory bodies and government entities can map security mandates to GlobalPlatform certification levels and require the use of GlobalPlatform-certified components to demonstrate robust security. GlobalPlatform’s protection profiles for secure elements, trusted execution environments and microcontrollers can also be used as a baseline for their requirements.

The Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Methodology provides a blueprint for IoT device security certification which can be adopted to bring greater trust to the IoT devices deployed within their country or region. Regulatory bodies and government entities can use SESIP to develop new protection profiles that can be used by certification bodies and laboratories to bring trust to IoT ecosystems.

GlobalPlatform maintains a strong collaboration partner network to ensure its technology addresses new requirements from the entire ecosystem.

Regulatory and industry bodies across the world partner with GlobalPlatform to share expertise and to align respective standardization and certification initiatives to support market adoption.

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