GlobalPlatform for Product Vendors

GlobalPlatform provides product vendors with standardized technologies and certifications to build and certify products that deliver innovative services and align with market requirements.

Product-VendorsTo stay competitive in a rapidly expanding connected device landscape, product vendors need to differentiate their offerings with innovative services, while also ensuring they meet security, market and regulatory requirements.

Product vendors can use GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies and certifications to demonstrate their products are both functional and secure for use across devices and markets, enabling them to focus on customizing their offerings with value-added services.

Today, more than 45 billion GlobalPlatform-certified components offering different levels of security are used in devices across market sectors, including payments, mobile connectivity and IoT.

What Does GlobalPlatform Offer Product Vendors?

Product vendors can use GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies to ensure their components and other embedded products are secure-by-design, with services that are anchored in the Root of Trust (RoT).

GlobalPlatform’s Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Specifications, APIs and Device Trust Architecture (DTA) Framework give product vendors a standardized approach to connecting their components more easily to device RoT, which isolates identity and provides security services to applications.

GlobalPlatform-certified components provide a proven and cost-effective platform for deploying innovative, secure and customizable solutions across multiple use cases and vertical markets.

GlobalPlatform’s Secure Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Methodology establishes a consistent and flexible way for product vendors to demonstrate the security capability of their products.

Product vendors can engage in the work of GlobalPlatform’s Technical Committees and Task Forces to help drive the development of standardized technologies that meet the specific security and business needs of their use cases.

GlobalPlatform Technical Committees manage the maintenance and evolution of GlobalPlatform standardized technologies and certifications. Task Forces provide guidance on market sector and geographical requirements, opportunities, and challenges. These groups are chaired by representatives from GlobalPlatform member organizations.

GlobalPlatform welcomes participation from product vendors to learn and contribute best practices, align products to market requirements, contribute key use cases and help drive the organization’s technical roadmap and ensure it answers to market requirements.

Latest Resources for Product Vendors

White Paper: Quantifying Benefits of SESIP Reuse

This whitepaper explains how the use of the SESIP evaluation framework benefits different stakeholders from the IoT ecosystem in terms of time, effort and cost. It also explores the concept of reuse, describing how the security evaluation of composite products comprising already evaluated elements, as well as reuse of evaluation results across certification schemes, can reduce the cost and duration of security certifications.


White Paper: Using VPP to Deploy Secure Services

This white paper introduces GlobalPlatform’s Virtual Primary Platform (VPP) technology and specifications set. It explains how the specifications are providing a universal form factor to host and execute secure digital services across different products, and how vendors can use them to develop, enable and manage solutions that expand Secure Element (SE) security benefits to support more use cases.


Video: What is device attestation and why is it important?

Jeremy O’Donoghue, Chair of the GlobalPlatform Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee, explains why attestation is important for the success of IoT deployments and how GlobalPlatform’s Entity Attestation API can help device manufacturers to validate the trustworthiness of a device.

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