GlobalPlatform Star Awards

The Star Awards program was launched in 2004 as an opportunity for GlobalPlatform to recognize and award individuals who have demonstrated exemplary member participation throughout the year.

The awards celebrate individuals who have made a significant contribution toward GlobalPlatform’s vision of creating a fully collaborative and open ecosystem in which all stakeholders can efficiently deliver innovative digital services, while providing greater security, privacy, simplicity and convenience to users.

These individuals are enthusiastic and dedicated to driving GlobalPlatform’s work efforts, and the objectives of the Technical Committee or Task Force that they represented. Awards are presented for: Collaboration & teamwork, Innovative thinking, Making it happen, Leadership and Going the extra mile.

In 2019, the Kekicheff Award was created to acknowledge outstanding dedication and commitment to GlobalPlatform. Unlike the Star Awards that are given on an annual basis, this award is intended to be given from time-to-time to recognize extraordinary, impactful efforts over a long and sustained period of time. Named after the first recipient of the award, current GlobalPlatform Board member and former Chairman of the Board, Marc Kekicheff, this first award commemorates Mr. Kekicheff’s 20+ years of outstanding dedication and commitment to GlobalPlatform. Not only was Mr. Kekicheff co-architect of the original GlobalPlatform Specifications, but he has also held various leadership positions within the organization since its inception and continues to be active in driving the organization’s efforts.

Congratulations to our 2022 Winners!

Star Award recipients are announced and presented during GlobalPlatform's Annual All Member Meeting, held each November.

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TPS Committee

Per Ståhl


“Making it Happen”

Mr. Stahl provided an outstanding effort as editor and contributor of the UICC API for Internet of Things specification. The specification defines a low-level API for the minimum UICC functionality needed in low-cost constrained IoT devices. During the entire specification development, Mr. Stahl showed great involvement and facilitated development with high quality. We thank Mr. Stahl for his great effort and contributions.

TEE Committee

Don Felton



Mr. Felton has been driving activity in the TEE Working Group since it first started and is well-known for his enthusiasm and drive to ensure that the GlobalPlatform TEE remains at the forefront of people’s minds. As well as being a very long-serving Working Group Chair, he is also the primary editor and contributor to many of the TEE specifications. In the last year, it would have been easy to ease off on the gas and consider the TEE specifications as ‘finished’, but instead Mr. Felton has led the charge to significantly update the architecture in light of new SoC capabilities. This was very important work, as it encouraged vendors to look to GlobalPlatform rather than push proprietary approaches. From a TEE specification perspective, whilst many others contribute, Mr. Felton truly is GlobalPlatform and we thank him.

TEE Committee

Mike Parsel


“Collaboration & Teamwork”

Mr. Parsel is a consistent and regular contributor to the requirements and editorial stages within the TEE Committee and Working Groups.  He is critical to the progress, as half of the meetings would be abandoned due to lack of minute taker if it was not for him. His insight into the external developers needs of the TEE environment is invaluable. We thank Mr. Parsel for his dedication and contributions.

Security Task Force

Sylvie Wuidart


“Making It Happen”

Ms. Wuidart has been a long-standing and main supporter and contributor to SESIP.  She was highly involved in both writing and promotion, bringing with her a voice for hardware manufacturers. Even more notably this year, she heavily worked towards SESIP’s recognition by CEN/CENELEC, opening the door to a European Normalization, a very big step for SESIP enhancement and promotion. Many thanks to Ms. Wuidart for her strong commitment, valuable contributions and great achievement.

Security Task Force

Jean-Philippe Galvan


“Going the Extra Mile”

Mr. Galvan has been a long-standing and strong contributor to SESIP, bringing essential experience in hardware security and supporting SESIP promotion. This year in particular, Mr. Galvan has been driving the publication of an important White Paper for SESIP promotion, which demonstrates SESIP’s benefits and making them appealing to the IoT ecosystem, from manufacturer to vendors. Mr. Galvan is also currently leading another important White Paper aimed at showing, as concretely and as quantifiable as possible, the efficiency of SESIP, reinforcing again the SESIP attractivity. Many thanks to Mr. Galvan for his contributions and strong commitment to SESIP.

Security Task Force

Rachel Menda-Shabat


“Making It Happen”

Ms. Menda-Shabat has been a strong contributor to SESIP, bringing essential support to the SESIP promotion. In particular, she successfully drove the registering of SESIP in the NIST database as a methodology relevant for the compliance demonstration of IoT products to the NIST 8259A requirements, which is a great first step for the internationalization of SESIP outside European borders. In parallel, Ms. Menda-Shabat has been driving the first GlobalPlatform SESIP profile release, the Secure Memory Profile, which expands the SESIP toolbox and increases SESIP applicability. Many thanks to Ms. Menda-Shabat for those most important steps for the international extension of SESIP, and for her strong commitment to the group.

Security Task Force

Carlos Serratos


“Going the Extra Mile”

Since the start of SESIP, Mr. Serratos has been heavily involved in the development of the specification and methodology.  He supported management of SESIP Sub-Task Force meetings, which occurred often and included intense discussion, leading to the creation of multiple valuable materials.  He was also one of the voices of the SESIP promotion, participating as a speaker in several conferences and workshops.  More recently, Mr. Serratos also became Vice Chair of the Security Task Force and has done well in this position.  He led the development of the new matrix requirements and is the initiator of the security requirement compatibility tool proposal. Thank you, Mr. Serratos for your consistent engagement and leadership.

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