This maintenance release of the three VPP fast track specifications contains errata and precisions; in detail:

  • VPP – Concepts and Interfaces: Correcting references, definitions, abbreviations, use of Hardware Platform, Security Perimeters inclusion, adding missing transition in Process state diagram, resolving hanging paragraphs.
  • VPP – Network Protocol: Correcting cross references, value references, one missing UUID, clarifications on VNP, defining endianness in Network Layer, fixing incorrect value in VNP Packet diagram, removing unused error codes, grammar/word choice.
  • VPP – Firmware Format: Correcting references, adding missing validation for Process, Mailbox and IPC descriptors.

To provide the full specification set, the ZIP file also contains the VPP – Network Protocol Extension for the OFL v1.0, which was not updated.

Previous Version(s)

GlobalPlatform Technology Virtual Primary Platform v1.0 Mar 2018

The present set of documents specifies the Concepts and the Interfaces, as well as the Firmware Format and associated protocols supporting the functional requirements for a Virtual Primary Platform. This Virtual Primary Platform encapsulates a technology dependent part of a Tamper Resistant Element (TRE) named the Primary Platform offering the lowest level of virtualization of critical resources via an API. The Virtual Primary Platform is independent of the use cases and is provisioned by the TRE maker. Finally, the Virtual Primary Platform will allow multiple use case dependent VPP Applications to run without interference.

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