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This maintenance release does not introduce any modification of the API itself but provides a complementary item: the Java Card export file in format version 2.3 as defined since release 3.1 of the Java Card specifications. This may advantageously be used with tools from the Java Card 3.1 Development Kit to perform additional security checks on Applications. This release still includes the export file in older version 2.1 format (targeting deployments on older Java Card platforms).

The new export files are also included for some previous API versions.

Previous Version(s)

GlobalPlatform Card API - Secure Channels and Privacy APIs v1.2 Jun 2020

This maintenance release introduces minor clarifications as well as the definition of 1 constant following the publication of the Privacy Framework v1.0.1 (November 2019).

GlobalPlatform Card API - Secure Channels and Privacy APIs v1.1 Jun 2017

This maintenance version of the Secure Channel and Privacy API adds previously-missing constants which are required to enable the usage of some protocol implementations. It also includes 1 clarification and 1 errata. Only the "securechannel" and "securechannel.provider" packages are concerned by this update. The "privacy" and "filesystem" packages remain unchanged.

This document describes a framework based on the GlobalPlatform Card Specification [GPCS] that allows managing different privacy mechanisms (i.e. protection against traceability, protection of the communication) which remain under the control of the card issuer. In particular, it describes the concepts of Global Privacy Protocol (GPP), Global Master File (GMF) and OPEN Privacy Extension (OPEX). Supporting APIs will be published in a separate package.

The zip file contains a set of four new APIs related to secure channels, privacy protocols and global filesystem features. They define:
- new enhanced interfaces for Secure Channel Protocol implementations
- additional interfaces relating to Privacy Protocol implementations
- additional interfaces relating to the usage of a file system as required in some Privacy Protocols

Globalplatform Card API - Secure Channels ad Privacy APIs v1 Feb 2017
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