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Specification Library

All interested parties ("Recipients") are welcome to download the below specifications and technical documents ("Specifications"), and to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patents or other intellectual property rights of which they may be aware that might be necessarily infringed by the implementation of the Specifications, and any supporting documentation. The Specifications (and the information therein) are subject to updates, revisions, and extensions by GlobalPlatform, and may be disseminated without restriction.

Use of the Specifications and information therein (whether or not obtained directly from GlobalPlatform) is subject to the terms of the GlobalPlatform License Agreement (the "Licenseā€). Additionally, any use of any pay-to-download Specification is subject to payment to GlobalPlatform of the applicable fees required to obtain the document directly from GlobalPlatform.

Any use (including but not limited to sublicensing) inconsistent with the License or without payment of applicable fees to GlobalPlatform is strictly prohibited.

To search for an exact specification title or exact phrase within a specification title, please put your search terms in double quotation marks ("").

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