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A minor version release of the TMF ASN.1 Profile, with the following additions and bug fixes applied:

  • Added Update TA and Data for atomic updates
  • Added Fetch Object to permit retrieval of public keys belonging to an SD
  • Added Get TA Definition 1, which returns a versioned structure enabling more information to be returned and which returns the version number of the TA as an integer
  • Moved definition of CryptoProcIDs normative – moving section B.2 to 8.3.4.

This document provides a low-level API for the bare minimum UICC functionality needed in low-cost constrained IoT devices. This includes functions for network attachment and functions for cellular subscription profile download and management. To reduce the cost of a constrained IoT device the UICC functionality is likely to be an integrated part of the application processor or the modem of the IoT device. The realization of the UICC functionality may vary with the device vendor or modem vendor. The API hides the realization and location of the UICC functionality to its users. This is valid also when a dedicated component is used to realize the UICC functionality.

This document specifies a mapping between TMF OTrP Profile messages and TMF ASN.1 commands. The document specifies how OTrP request messages received by a TEE is mapped to TMF ASN.1 commands and the TMF ASN.1 response output to OTrP response messages. The mapping is not essential to perform directly – that is, it is not required to convert incoming request messages from OTrP Profile to TMF ASN.1, but this is a possible realization where appropriate. It is mandatory that the execution of an OTrP request message provides the same result as the equivalent shown TMF ASN.1 Profile command would have achieved. The OTrP Security Domain, message representation and associated security mechanisms can be found in [OTrP Profile].

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