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GlobalPlatform & Institute for Information Industry announce partnership to advance Taiwan’s cybersecurity goals

Empowering Taiwan’s technology industries to bolster cyber resilience and demonstrate trust through the adoption of the internationally-recognized security standard SESIP

July 12, 2023 – GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices, and the Institute for Information Industry (III), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to support Taiwan in bolstering digital transformation and enhancing the cyber resilience of its technology supply chains.

“Building cyber resilience on a global scale can only be achieved if industries and sectors come together to identify problems and align on solutions. With Taiwan further developing its reputation as a major global base for the development of next generation technologies, this partnership will help Taiwan bolster supply chain security,” comments Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform.

Cybersecurity for the digital economy

The mission of the III is to promote the innovation and application of Taiwan’s information communication technologies (ICT) and assist in the development of Taiwan’s digital economy. GlobalPlatform empowers stakeholders across industries with standardized technologies and certifications for trusted digital services and devices that address business, security, regulatory and data protection needs.

The MoU reflects the commitment of Taiwan’s ICT industry to combatting cyberattacks, a government priority following 30 million targeted threats each month in 2022. It will enable GlobalPlatform and III to bring together key stakeholders from across Taiwan’s semiconductor supply chain. This collaboration will facilitate the exchange of security expertise and alignment on the adoption of internationally recognized standards that combat cybercrime by ensuring security-by-design and trust through certification. This includes aligning local requirements with global cybersecurity regulations through the adoption of GlobalPlatform’s Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology, which is used by both national and private certification bodies to create and manage IoT cybersecurity certification schemes.

Mapping IoT cybersecurity compliance with SESIP

“GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies and certifications can help Taiwan’s security community build cyber-safe products that are trusted on a global scale. We are already seeing strong interest in how the SESIP methodology can be used to strengthen Taiwan’s cybersecurity provision,” adds Ana.

Different countries and regions are defining security, privacy or resilience regulations that request specific security features to be evaluated. SESIP addresses this challenge by mapping to other standards from bodies including ETSI, ISO/IEC and NIST, providing a common and optimized approach for evaluating security and demonstrating trust.

“Taiwan spent multiple decades creating the “Made in Taiwan” brand of trust. Following this, the world can now acknowledge our products as “Made in Trust,” comments the Taiwan Government.

“This is a new opportunity for us and a new blue ocean for Taiwan’s cybersecurity ecosystem. III established the “Collaborative Test Laboratory on Chip Security” to focus on the security of Taiwan ICT products, especially in chipset hardware,” adds III.

“III looks forward now to continued cooperation with GlobalPlatform to assist manufacturers in implementing international standards and promoting the SESIP certification scheme. Our partnership is achieving a win-win situation for the semiconductor and network security industries, and enables Taiwan semiconductor companies to be trusted partners in the global supply chain.”

Interested in getting involved? Certification bodies and security evaluation laboratories can download the methodology, participate in GlobalPlatform’s SESIP licensing program and contribute to the organization’s work on IoT security.


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About GlobalPlatform
GlobalPlatform is a technical standards organization that enables the efficient launch and management of innovative, secure-by-design digital services and devices, which deliver end-to-end security, privacy, simplicity and convenience to users. It achieves this by providing standardized technologies and certifications that empower technology and service providers to develop, certify, deploy and manage digital services and devices in line with their business, security, regulatory and data protection needs. Key offerings include secure component specifications; the Device Trust Architecture for accessing secure services within a device; the IoTopia Framework for secure launch and management of connected devices; and the SESIP Methodology for IoT device certification.

GlobalPlatform technologies are used in billions of smart cards, smartphones, wearables and other connected and IoT devices to enable convenient and trusted digital services across market sectors, including healthcare, government and enterprise ID, payments, smart cities, industrial automation, smart home, telecoms, transportation, utilities, and OEMs.

GlobalPlatform standardized technologies and certifications are developed through effective industry-driven collaboration, led by multiple diverse member companies working in partnership with industry and regulatory bodies and other interested parties from around the world.

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