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Security Certification

GlobalPlatform’s Security Certification program confirms conformance of a secure component to a Common Criteria-recognized protection profile through independent security evaluation. It ensures that secure components meet the required levels of security defined for a particular service, enabling service providers to confidently and effectively manage risk and comply with industry requirements.To assist the market in managing varying security requirements, GlobalPlatform has structured the program under three security levels. Each level denotes the ranked levels of threats and attacks that the security certified secure component will defend against. They are:

  • Basic
  • Enhanced (TEE products)
  • High (SE products)

This simple framework allows future technologies and solutions to be added under these levels. In addition, device manufacturers can select the most appropriate accredited component for meeting their particular requirements, while allowing service providers to mandate a particular level of security to protect their digital services on devices.

What is a protection profile?

A protection profile specifies:

  • The typical threats a secure component needs to withstand
  • The security objectives that must be met by the secure component in order to counter these threats
  • The functional requirements that a secure component will have to comply with in order to meet these security objectives

Learn more about the TEE Security Certification Program

In this Q&A, GlobalPlatform Technical Director Gil Bernabeu explores how the security certification program helps protect, ease and accelerate the deployment of digital devices and services.

Participating in Security Certification

For security evaluation laboratories to achieve the GlobalPlatform qualification status to provide security TEE or SE certification, your organization must be a GlobalPlatform full member or participating member in good standing.

Security laboratories can apply to:

The laboratory’s processes will then be analyzed on-site to ensure that it is equipped to thoroughly evaluate secure components in line with their respective GlobalPlatform Protection Profiles.

To certify a product, vendors must confirm conformity with the relevant protection profile via an independent security evaluation under an SE certification process, or a TEE certification process.

Participation Forms

The legal and technical forms applicable to each type of qualification are provided below.

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