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GlobalPlatform for Device Makers

GlobalPlatform provides device makers with standardized technologies and certifications to accelerate secure product development, reduce cost and time to market.


GlobalPlatform 的多元化成員公司通力合作,透過標準化技術和認證為裝置製造商提供支援,使其能夠建置、認證、部署和管理設計安全的裝置。

What Does GlobalPlatform Offer Device Makers?

GlobalPlatform’s standardized technologies enable device makers to meet the regulatory requirements of multiple geographic and industry markets; protecting brand, Intellectual Property (IP) and end user data against the latest attacks with confidence so that device makers can focus on their value add. With GlobalPlatform’s portfolio of offerings, device makers have a range of secure component specifications and Trusted Platform Services (TPS) APIs available to them to integrate trust, based on a Root of Trust (RoT), upon which developers and digital service providers can to develop and deploy their innovative applications and services.

Building on GlobalPlatform’s work to secure the IoT, IoTopia proposes a practical implementation framework for creating secure-by-design approaches for, and certification, deployment and management of, IoT devices in line with global requirements.

Through its functional and security certification schemes, GlobalPlatform enables device makers to verify product adherence to its specifications and protection profiles. Device manufacturers that use GlobalPlatform-certified secure components answer regulatory requirements and can proactively market their products as meeting the functional and security needs of digital service providers, application developers and IoT cloud platforms. Members benefit from reduced fees to access certification services.

GlobalPlatform also enables device makers to adopt the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Methodology to accelerate the certification of products across multiple IoT security certification schemes.

Device makers can engage in the work of GlobalPlatform’s Technical Committees and Task Forces to help drive the development of standardized technologies that meet the specific security and business needs of their use cases.

GlobalPlatform Technical Committees manage the maintenance and evolution of GlobalPlatform standardized technologies and certifications. Task Forces provide guidance on market sector and geographical requirements, opportunities, and challenges. These groups are chaired by representatives from GlobalPlatform member organizations.

GlobalPlatform welcomes participation from device makers to learn and contribute best practices, align products to market requirements, contribute key use cases and help drive the organization’s technical roadmap and ensure it answers as many requirements as possible.

Latest Resources for Device Makers

Video: Using SESIP to Simplify Security Evaluation and Build Trusted IoT Products

執行董事 Kevin Gillick 和技術總監 Gil Bernabeu 就內嵌式開發人員和裝置製造商如何使用 SESIP 方法論簡化安全評估以建立對其物聯網產品的信任發表了獨家見解。 時長 60 分鐘的網路研討會涵蓋 Arm、Brightsight、ETSI、NXP Semiconductors、STMicroelectronics 和 TrustCB 提供的內容。


SESIP Composition and Reuse Whitepaper

複合評估縮短了認證流程並降低了上市成本,同時確保裝置具有符合行業標準的設定基線安全水準。 一旦製造商對某個元件進行認證,就可以使用相同的元件來保護多款不同的產品。 裝置製造商可以與 GlobalPlatform 合作以增強其裝置的安全性,這些裝置建立在 SESIP 認證平台部件的基礎之上,以確保準備好根據使用 SESIP 的任何計畫獲得認證。

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Streamline network on-boarding with MUD

製造商使用說明 (MUD) 檔案可讓受限終端裝置(例如物聯網裝置)能夠向網路傳送訊號,確認正常運行所需的存取類型和網路功能。 裝置製造商可以使用 GlobalPlatform 的免費 MUD 檔案服務上傳 MUD 檔案,同時為您的裝置接收唯一的 MUD URL。

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