MUD File Service

The GlobalPlatform MUD File Service helps device manufacturers publish, in a unique location, the MUD file library associated with their products. Publication in the MUD File Service simplifies the access and consumption of MUD files from networks hosting these devices.

The MUD File Service is currently operated as a free beta service, to facilitate convenient and secure connectivity between device manufacturers and MUD file consumers around the world.

What is a MUD File?

Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) files enable constrained end devices (e.g., IoT devices) to signal to a network, confirming the type of access and network functionality required to properly function. As the number of different types of IoT devices continues to grow, the deployment and usage of MUD files will greatly improve the security of connected things and the networks they are connected to.

MUD is published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The MUD specification can be found at

How it works

The MUD manager regularly, as well as during the first connection to the network, retrieves the MUD file to obtain information from the manufacturer regarding the allowed behaviors for specific devices. The MUD manager uses the information (stored in a MUD file) to communicate with network services like firewalls, DNS, and DHCP services and / or other services such as network monitoring software, to communicate allowed behaviors of individual devices.

Additional MUD Resources

You can also visit the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) at to access more resources related to MUD.

Webinar #1: MUD – Understanding Device Intent

Learn about the security considerations that IoT manufacturers must address when building connected devices and how MUD files simplify secure network onboarding.


Webinar #2: MUD File Service – Demonstration and Round Table


Watch our virtual panel with NIST, Cisco and UL to see a demonstration of GlobalPlatform’s MUD File Service, and understand why MUD files are an important component of IoT infrastructure that can be used to address evolving requirements across multiple markets.




Current List of MUD Files

Current participation statistics for GlobalPlatform's MUD URL program

Access to the MUD File Service

MUD File Service

Use GlobalPlatform’s MUD File Service to upload MUD files and receive a unique MUD URL for your device.

Click here to access the MUD File Service

Participation Forms

Participation Forms
Terms of Service

NOTICE ALERT: MUD File Service will cease operation on 08-Aug-2023.

NOTICE: The MUD file Service supported by this page will cease operation on 08-Aug-2023. Users of this site are encouraged to make back up copies of all files they have uploaded to the site before the site is shut down.

If you have any questions or concerns about the shutdown of this service, contact the GlobalPlatform Secretariat at

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