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IoT Platform Security Training

Our IoT Platform Security Training provides stakeholders with the knowledge they need to develop and launch secure digital services for the internet of things (IoT). The session features GlobalPlatform’s Secure Component Specifications and IoT Configurations, advanced authentication mechanisms, Root of Trust (RoT) Services and Networked Framework, as well as providing an introduction to the tools available to build secure applications including the Open Mobile API.

This optional one-day course, for which the SE training is a prerequisite, is new to the GlobalPlatform training portfolio. The training targets product makers, system integrators, chip manufacturers and service providers looking to effectively use the services provided by the GlobalPlatform IoT Configurations and Secure Component Specifications for their own business models and product offerings, resulting in significant cost and time-to-market savings.


  • Gain a detailed understanding of the GlobalPlatform Configurations and Platform Specifications that provide security services for the internet of things
  • Understand the GlobalPlatform Application Specifications and APIs that are used to build secure applications
  • Learn how to manage trusted digital services with secure end-to-end communications
  • Interactive workshops teach students how to design solutions with real world examples
  • Instructors provide context and real-world examples of the subject matter
  • Class size is limited to foster a personalized learning environment
  • Course material given to the students can be easily referenced and used in their projects

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Have a detailed understanding of specifications used to be build and manage secure services for IoT
  • Learn the security and authentication mechanisms available on secure platforms
  • Understand how to utilize secure platform services through multiple ways
  • Know the requirements of IoT and SE Configurations for products
  • Practice designing an application with secure platform services

Course Outline

  • Review of Secure Element Specifications
  • Compact IoT Configuration
  • SE Configurations
    • SE for Authentication
    • SE Configuration 2.0
      • SE 1.0 -> 2.0 changes
  • WebAPI for SE and Open Mobile API
  • Key Storage and Management API
  • Root of Trust Services
    • Secure Boot
    • Attestation
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Connector
    • Bluetooth Protocol
    • Bluetooth Profile
  • Remote Application Management
  • Network Framework
  • IoT use cases
    • Utilities
    • Automotive
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial
  • Project: Design application with security services and network connections


  • The sessions will be delivered in English by a GlobalPlatform instructor.
  • To provide a dynamic learning environment, the sessions are best when limited to a maximum of 15 students.
  • All training sessions are conducted in-house. Visit In-House Training for member and non-member fee structure.

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