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The OSIA global qualification program

Supporting openness & interoperability in identity

This program was launched by Secure Identity Alliance. OSIA is an open standard set of interfaces (APIs) that enables seamless connectivity between building blocks of the identity management ecosystem – independent of technology, solution architecture or vendor. The qualification program is working to enhance the interoperability of identity management systems, support identity solution development and address government requirements for OSIA compliance.

The OSIA global qualification program aims to support the growing number of government bodies that want to introduce an OSIA qualification as a solution pre-requisite during their tendering process. It is doing this by enabling the government-industry collaboration needed to build open, innovative and future-proofed national identity systems.

About Secure Identity Alliance

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) is a global non-profit association representing actors and organizations, and adjacent industries, active across the digital identity ecosystem. SIA’s mission is to unify the ecosystem of identity and unlock the full power of identity so that people, economies, and societies thrive. The association supports the development of the activities of its members across four broad pillars: Identity for Good, Outreach, Open Standards Development and Industry Services and Solutions. SIA is an ITU-T A.5 Qualified Organization.

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Participating in OSIA qualification

Vendors seeking to achieve OSIA Qualified status can assess their products and solutions against the OSIA test plan to determine if they are OSIA compliant. GlobalPlatform acts as the qualification authority by maintaining a list of all vendors and products that qualify.

Read the GlobalPlatform OSIA Qualification Process [COMING SOON] document to understand the procedures to be completed by a product vendor to qualify a product.

SIA members can access the test plans on the SIA website: Credential Services Interface | Biometrics Services Interface. Non SIA members can purchase the test plan in the GlobalPlatform Store [COMING SOON].

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