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TES Committee

The Trusted Environments & Services Committee is chaired by Richard Hayton from Trustonic. Full and participating GlobalPlatform members are eligible to contribute to this group.


  • To create and maintain documentation relating to Isolation Platforms.
  • Provide mechanisms enabling access to platform services offered by Isolation Platforms, both from within a device and from platforms external to it.
  • To define and maintain the trusted execution environment architecture, including technical specifications compliance and security certification programs.


  • Industry engagement
    • To gather use-cases and requirements for Isolation Platforms.
    • Liaise, collaborate and/or coordinate TES committee activities with relevant external organizations which perform similar/complementary activities.
    • To participate in the development of educational and promotional materials and events related to technology developed in the TES Committee.
  • Standardization
    • To define, maintain and evolve architectures, asset definitions and threat models for Isolation Platforms.
    • To work closely with other bodies which develop and maintain Isolation Platforms, or services using them, to define common terminology and promote interoperability between them.
    • To define, maintain and evolve the GlobalPlatform TEE-related specifications, ensuring consistency.
    • To define, maintain and evolve specifications related to other Isolation Platforms, where it is appropriate for GlobalPlatform to do so.
  • Compliance & Certification
    • To advance and maintain the GlobalPlatform TEE Compliance Program, to facilitate portability and interoperability of trusted application deployments on different TEE implementations.
    • To define, develop and progress the GlobalPlatform TEE Security Certification Program, to facilitate the security evaluations of TEE implementations.
    • To work with GlobalPlatform’s Task Forces and other Committees to ensure the alignment of smart device technology within the context of the wider GlobalPlatform infrastructure.

Current priorities

  • The TES committee inherits all existing work items from the TEE and TPS Committees. Evolution and maintenance of the TEE specifications previously undertaken by the TEE Specification Working Group will move to the TEE Platforms Working Group, and TPS Service specifications from the API and Low Level API working groups will move to the TES Services Working Group. The TEE MCU Security Working group and subgroups continue as before.
  • The Committee is exploring the below key use cases. It is also working on other areas of IoT and Smart Cities, and members are encouraged to bring forward their requirements and use cases.
    • Automotive: There is a huge change in the automotive ecosystem as new legislation, such as UNECE 155/156, comes to bear. Automakers are looking for solutions they can use across their platforms, from embedded, safety critical, MCUs through domain or zonal compute to specialized AI systems.
      • A specific TES work item will look at SAE J3101 standards for key management and propose solutions that can scale between MCU and CPU implementations. There is potential to formalize a protection profile for these solutions, simplifying type approval for vendors.
    • AI Language Models: Current generation isolation platforms are primarily focused on isolating traditional computation, and storage used for security features, from those used for general purpose computing. However there are also emerging security problems within the AI domain. A specific example is the protection of the IP inherent in a large AI model.
      • The TES Committee will look at such issues from a technology neutral perspective, and evaluate the options provided by the various isolation technologies available today, and those that are proposed in future.
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Richard Hayton

TES Committee Chair


Richard is on the Board of Directors, and is also the Chair of the TES Committee and Automotive Task Force at GlobalPlatform where he contributes to the organization’s technical initiatives bringing over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. Richard is a regular speaker and influencer in the cybersecurity arena.

At Trustonic, Richard’s focus has been on enabling the telecoms industry – manufacturers and mobile operators, the automotive industry as well as application developers, to all benefit from embedded security and strong device identity. Prior to Trustonic, Richard held various roles at Citrix including Chief Architect, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technology Officer. During 20 years at Citrix, he led projects ranging from embedded software to global enterprise systems, with a focus on user and developer experience.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cambridge University, focusing on identity federation for users, devices and services.

Jeremy O'Donoghue

TES Committee Vice Chair
TES Attack Experts WG Chair
TES Compliance WG Chair


Jeremy currently serves as Director, Engineering at Qualcomm, working within the Secure Systems Group. He is responsible for architecture and development of software focused around secure platforms and NFC. In previous roles at Qualcomm, he was the lead security architect and software lead for an NFC CLF development, and has worked extensively on telephony aspects of both Android and Windows-based mobile systems. Jeremy was also an early participant in developing the GSMA NFC Handset Requirements and Testbook.

Jeremy joined the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors in 2016, and is Vice Chair of the TES Committee.

Sampo Sovio

TES Services WG Chair


Mr. Sovio has been elected as Chair of the Functional APIs Working Group.

He has several years’ industry experience in cryptographic algorithms, PKI, usable security and security protocols. He has extensive knowledge of working with GlobalPlatform Specifications and was involved in the TEE Internal Core API from an early stage. He has vast experience in using TEE and TEE based services in real-world environments.

Hervé Sibert

TES Security Working Group Chair


Mr. Sibert has been elected as Chair of the TES Security Working Group.

Mr. Sibert is Security Architect at Apple, working on security features in the space of SE and TEE. Prior to this, he worked on cryptography and information security in general at Orange, NXP, ST- Ericsson and then STMicroelectronics, supporting the deployment of TEE technology since its inception. Mr. Sibert has published 20 academic papers and is the inventor of more than 30 patents in embedded and information security.

Carolina Lavatelli

Carolina Lavatelli

TES Labs WG Chair

Internet of Trust

Ms. Lavatelli has been elected as Chair of GlobalPlatform’s TES Labs Working Group.

As co-founder and CTO of Internet of Trust, Ms. Lavetelli has large expertise in the design and set up of security evaluation programs, in particular for smartcards, terminals, mobile devices and content protection. She is the lead author of numerous Protection Profiles and evaluation methodologies and participates actively to a number of international standardisation working groups.

Ms. Lavatelli participates in a number of standardization groups including ISCI, JTEMS and GlobalPlatform, and actively contributes to the usage and adoption of Common Criteria.

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