TEE 委员会(前称“设备委员会”)

TEE 委员会由来自 Trustonic 的 Christophe Colas 担任主席。所有加入 GlobalPlatform 的成员均有资格为此小组做出贡献。

TEE 委员会为使用 TEE 的消费者和连接设备定义了一种开放式安全架构,从而保护这些设备,并支持由多个服务提供商开发和部署安全服务。



  • 管理、制定、维护和发展 TEE 的规范并确定优先级,包括与以下方面相关的规范:
    • 用于与 TEE 通信的 API。
    • 用于开发受信应用的 API,这些应用在 TEE 内运行并支持与安全外围设备(如受信用户界面、生物识别外围设备和安全元件)进行互动。
    • 面向 TEE 的管理框架。
    • 用于服务特定设备类别的配置。
  • 推进并维护 GlobalPlatform TEE 功能和安全认证计划,以促进在不同 TEE 实施上部署的受信应用的可移植性和互操作性,同时实现标准化的安全评估。
  • 与执行类似/补充活动的相关外部组织联络、协作和/或协调活动。


  • 制定新的 TEE 保护档案,以满足不同市场的安全要求。
  • 制定适用于 TEE 管理框架 (TMF) 的配置。
  • 发展 TEE 内部核心 API,从而添加新的加密算法并支持受信用户界面和生物统计的新规范。

GlobalPlatform TEE 管理框架

该文档定义了标准方法,用于在 TEE 处于活跃状态时管理其生命周期。为了支持当今数字世界中的各种 TEE 使用方式,该文档支持许多部署模型,包括:一个或多个参与者;连接或未连接的设备;一对一或一对多设备,以及对称和非对称加密。


GlobalPlatform TEE 保护档案

该文档在受信计算类别下通过了共同标准认证,其中规定了 TEE 硬件和软件需要经受的典型威胁。其中还详细说明了为应对这些威胁而需要满足的安全目标以及 TEE 必须遵守的安全功能要求。

下载 TEE 保护档案

TEE 合规产品

GlobalPlatform 开发了一个开放且经过全面评估的 TEE 生态系统,其中涵盖经过认证的实验室和认证产品。

借助由 TEE 安全评估秘书处管理的 GlobalPlatform TEE 认证计划,供应商能够通过独立安全评估确认其 TEE 产品与组织的 TEE 保护档案的一致性。


Christophe Colas

TEE Committee Chair


Mr. Colas is currently SVP Products at Trustonic. In this role, he is responsible for managing the overall portfolio of Trustonic products focused particularly around application protection. Mr. Colas has participated in the development of several software architectures including Visa Open Platform Terminal Framework which has since transferred to GlobalPlatform.

Mr. Colas has been involved with GlobalPlatform since its inception, and was elected to serve as the association’s Device (now TEE) Committee Chair in 2009. He has also served as a GlobalPlatform Board Director since 2015.

Stéphanie El Rhomri

TEE Compliance Working Group Chair


Ms. El Rhomri is Chair of the TEE Compliance Group, and has served on the GlobalPlatform Board since 2015. In 2017 she was appointed to GlobalPlatform Secretary.

As Vice President, Services at FIME, Ms. El Rhomri is responsible for developing new services, understanding international technology trends and ensuring alignment of FIME’s NFC and payments offering.

Christian Damour

TEE Security: TEE Attack Expert Sub-Working Group Chair


Mr. Damour attends and contributes to GlobalPlatform’s Card Security and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security Working Groups and has also been appointed as TEE Attack Experts Working Group Chair.

Following 13 years as a certification leader within a licensed information technology security evaluation facility (ITSEF), Christian joined FIME in 2011 to develop and manage the company’s security offering. He has extensive experience with a variety of certification schemes including Common Criteria product and system security.

Don Felton

TEE Specifications Working Group Chair


Mr. Felton has served as Chair of GlobalPlatform’s TEE Specification Working Group, part of the TEE Committee, since 2011.

Mr. Felton joined Trustonic in 2012, as part of its creation as a joint venture by ARM, Gemalto and Giesecke & Devrient. Mr. Felton has driven deployment and understanding of TEE based security technology since its creation and has been an active contributor to the Trusted Computing Group Mobile Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 developments, Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) Advanced Trusted Environment (ATE) standards and GlobalPlatform Specifications.

Carolina Lavatelli

TEE Security: TEE Lab Sub-Working Group Chair

Internet of Trust

Ms. Lavatelli has been elected as Chair of GlobalPlatform’s TEE Lab Sub-Working Group.

As co-founder and CTO of Internet of Trust, Ms. Lavetelli has large expertise in the design and set up of security evaluation programs, in particular for smartcards, terminals, mobile devices and content protection. She is the lead author of numerous Protection Profiles and evaluation methodologies and participates actively to a number of international standardisation working groups.

Ms. Lavatelli participates in a number of standardization groups including ISCI, JTEMS and GlobalPlatform, and actively contributes to the usage and adoption of Common Criteria.

Hervé Sibert

TEE Security Working Group Chair


Mr. Sibert has been elected as Chair of the TEE Security Working Group.

Mr. Sibert is Security Architect at Apple, working on security features in the space of SE and TEE. Prior to this, he worked on cryptography and information security in general at Orange, NXP, ST- Ericsson and then STMicroelectronics, supporting the deployment of TEE technology since its inception. Mr. Sibert has published 20 academic papers and is the inventor of more than 30 patents in embedded and information security.

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