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SESIP Committee

The SESIP Committee is co-chaired by Georg Stütz from NXP Semiconductors and Philippe Gaudillat from STMicroelectronics. Full and participating GlobalPlatform members are eligible to contribute to this group.


SESIP provides a common and optimized approach for evaluating the security of components and platforms from connected products looking to meet the specific compliance, security, privacy, and scalability challenges of the evolving IoT ecosystem.

The purpose of the SESIP Committee is to set the strategy and deliver the required initiatives that will support the adoption and recognition of SESIP as a worldwide, multi-vertical scheme that simplifies security evaluation for OEMs, component manufacturers, and the whole ecosystem.

The primary focus of the Committee is to engage with regulators and the security evaluation ecosystem and discuss the value and applicability of the SESIP methodology as well as requirements for the future.


  • Identify markets, segments, and applications where SESIP can be used;
  • Assist in promoting SESIP activities aimed at fostering widespread adoption throughout the entire value chain:
    • Evangelize externally how SESIP can support the IoT ecosystem and demonstrate security and compliance with existing regulations;
    • Regional approach for regulator outreach with defining a strategy for the future of SESIP evolvement in each region;
    • Vertical approach for adoption across specific priority industries;
    • Drive activities that will result in mutual recognition in the ecosystem with the aim of supporting re-usability.
    • Liaise with external organizations on the way SESIP can be adopted by the industry, including standards and ecosystem players
  • Liaise with International or Regional Organizations (such as CEN/CENELEC JTC13), for future update, maintenance of the SESIP methodology;
  • Determine a self-sustaining strategy for GlobalPlatform to assist in advancing SESIP ecosystem development, technical projects, and future advocacy efforts;
  • Provide input to the SESIP Technical Working Group for further development of security profiles, mappings, other requirements or interpretation of methodology;
  • Provide input to the SESIP Ecosystem Adoption Working Group for focus regions, and verticals to develop the required MARCOM support;
  • Coordinate with the SESIP Governance Working group the harmonization of the methodology applicability, and mutual recognition across schemes from public and private origin.

Current priorities

The deliverables of the SESIP Committee consist of strategy and marketing plans, ecosystem development activities, and white papers that provide the necessary support to the defined objectives.

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Georg Stütz

SESIP Committee Co-Chair

NXP Semiconductors

Georg Stütz is Security Certification Expert and team lead at NXP Semiconductors based in Graz, Austria. Georg has worked in the security certification domain since 2012 on Common Criteria, EMVCo and other private certification schemes. Georg and his team are driving security certification for IoT and Automotive for instance by helping develop the SESIP certification standard.

Philippe Gaudillat

SESIP Committee Co-Chair


Philippe Gaudillat is Head of Security Certification team for MCU/MPU ICs at STMicroelectronics based in Grenoble, France. Philippe has worked in the security certification domain since 2013 on PayTV certifications and then more recently (2019) on SESIP/PSA/FIPS certifications for IoT products.

Eve Atallah

SESIP Technical WG Chair

NXP Semiconductors

Eve Atallah, Security Evaluation Expert at NXP Semiconductors, is a specialist in security evaluation and certification of IoT Products. At NXP, she is in the IoT Certification Team working on topics related to IoT security. She is the Chair of the SESIP Technical Working Group at GlobalPlatform.

Rachel Menda-Shabat

SESIP Governance WG Chair


Rachel Menda-Shabat has over two decades of security product development and certification expertise. As Winbond's Director of Certification, she's led multiple certifications of Winbond Secure Flash products, including Common Criteria EAL5+ , SESIP and FIPS 140-3. She actively contributes to GlobalPlatform, particularly in the SESIP Committee. Beyond this, she's involved with international security entities such as Eurosmart, ISCI-WG1, CCUF, ISO and CEN\CENELEC.

Carlos Serratos

SESIP Ecosystem Adoption WG Chair

NXP Semiconductors

Carlos Serratos, IoT Certification Expert at NXP Semiconductors, is a specialist in IoT security and compliance. He engages with policy makers, regulators and industry across verticals and regions, addressing trust enablement issues for compliance, risk management and accountability purposes.

Pascal van Gimst

SESIP Ecosystem Adoption WG Vice Chair


Pascal is VP of Global Services Sales and Business Development at Riscure. For 30 years, Pascal has been involved in hundreds of security reviews, audits, evaluations, certifications and training programs of embedded and connected technology deployed in the automotive, content protection, IoT, (mobile) payment, telecoms, semiconductor and forensics industry. Pascal started his career in the early 90’s as a hardware security analyst. After a couple of years, he moved via project management to sales and business development. Pascal joined Riscure in 2008 in his sales and business development role and as a member of the Management Team.

Riscure is a globally recognized security testing laboratory, training academy and security testing tool developer working with 500 clients across the world, supporting them in their security needs during all phases of their development process.

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