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Secure Element for Mobile eID Training

The primary objective of this training is to provide delegates with a comprehensive understanding of mobile wallet and electronic identification (eID) systems, and their significance in today's digital landscape. eID systems are essential for secure, reliable, and efficient authentication and authorization processes in a wide range of applications, from online banking and eGovernment services, to corporate IT systems and beyond.

This training will provide examples for the European Digital Identity (EUDI) initiative, which aims to create a unified digital identity framework across EU member states. The EUDI initiative is a significant step towards enabling secure and seamless cross-border digital transactions, ensuring that citizens and businesses can interact with public and private services online with the same level of trust and security across the EU.

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Be able to identify and describe the security features of a secure element (SE)
  • Understand GlobalPlatform technologies such as the Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM) and Cryptographic Service Providers (CSP), and understand their possible use cases for EUDI wallets
  • Learn deployment mechanisms for digital wallets
  • Understand eSIM Public Key Infrastructure in comparison to SAM PKI
  • Attain a full understanding of EUDI deployment models.

Course Description - Two-day Training

The two-day eID training by GlobalPlatform offers an overview of secure element (SE) technology, before sharing an in-depth overview of mobile wallets.

Day 1

Participants will explore GlobalPlatform's role in digital security and understand SE technology in detail.

Day 2

Participants will go deeper into deployments on embedded SEs and eSIMs, two form factors of SE available on most smartphones. The course will also explore other GlobalPlatform technologies that can support the EUDI initiative, such as Cryptographic Service Providers (CSP) and Protection Profiles for CSP, Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM), and SE.

The session will cover Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM), including the SAM configuration, eSIM and SAM Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and its deployment in an eID wallet use case. Additionally, the one-to-many deployments model (involving SE Management Service & Decentralized SE Management) will be examined in detail.

The day concludes with an interactive EUDI wallet workshop, offering practical deployment scenarios. This program equips participants with both theoretical and design knowledge in eID systems, enhancing their ability to develop secure digital services.


  • Learn how the GlobalPlatform SE Specifications can enable digital services to be trusted and securely managed throughout their lifecycle
  • Learn how GlobalPlatform SEs provide effective solutions to deploy mobile eIDs in the EUDI space
  • Gain a complete understanding of SAM and CSP technologies to support EUDI deployments
  • Gain a complete understanding of the SAM Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for EUDI
  • Interactive workshops teach students how to design solutions for mobile eIDs with real-world examples

Course Outline

Secure Elements Overview

  • GlobalPlatform overview
  • Secure element overview
  • Secure Channel Protocols (SCP)
  • Deployment of an application – Command overview
  • Privilege business models
  • Card content management - Introduction to CASD for CKLA
  • Mobile wallet with contactless extension

Mobile eID Training and Workshop

  • Introduction to eSE/eSIM
  • Secured Applications for Mobile (SAM)
  • SE Management Service (SEMS) & Decentralized SE Management (DSEM
  • Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP)
  • Protection profiles
  • EU5G status
  • eID wallet workshop


  • The sessions will be delivered in English by a GlobalPlatform instructor.
  • To provide a dynamic learning environment, the sessions are best when limited to a maximum of 15 students.
  • All training sessions are conducted in-house. Visit In-House Training for member and non-member fee structure.

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