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Mobile Identity/Government Training

Our Mobile Identity / Government Training comprehensively covers GlobalPlatform’s ID Configuration, advanced security enhancements, the Privacy Framework, the ISO Framework, and NFC Device Architecture, as well as providing an introduction to the tools available to build mobile wallets, including TEE and host card emulation (HCE).

This optional one-day course, for which the SE training is a prerequisite, has been taught to hundreds of product makers, system integrators, chip manufacturers, and service providers looking to effectively implement the GlobalPlatform Identity Specifications and Configurations into their own business models and product offerings, resulting in significant cost and time-to-market savings.


  • Gain a detailed understanding of the GlobalPlatform Configurations and Security Specifications that meet the strict requirements of Government IDs
  • Understand the GlobalPlatform Contactless Specifications that are used to build secure mobile wallets and interfaces for user interaction
  • Learn how to manage trusted digital services with secure end-to-end communications
  • Interactive workshops teach students how to design solutions with real world examples
  • Instructors provide context and real-world examples of the subject matter
  • Class size is limited to foster a personalized learning environment
  • Course material given to the students can be easily referenced and used in their projects

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Learn the advanced security for requirements for government ID, including OPACITY and Crypto Agility
  • Know the requirements of Identity and Privacy Configurations for products
  • Understand the GlobalPlatform ISO and Privacy Frameworks
  • Walk through the process of deploying a transit service in a Mobile Network Operator environment
  • Practice designing a mobile ID service for deployment with a MNO

Course Outline

  • Review of Secure Element Specifications
  • Contactless Services (Amendment C)
    • Contactless Registry
    • Memory and Deletion Enhancements
    • Accessing SE Applications
    • Device Application Services
  • Security Enhancements for Government
    • Crypto Agility
  • OPACITY (Amendment G)
  • ID configuration 2.0
    • ID 1.0 -> 2.0 changers
  • Privacy Framework
    • Privacy Protocol and Master File
    • OPEN Privacy Extension
    • SCP21
    • Privacy Configuration
  • ISO Framework
  • Mobile ID use cases
  • End-to-End Simplified Framework: Transport Service
  • Project: Design a mobile ID service in a Mobile Operator environment


  • The sessions will be delivered in English by a GlobalPlatform instructor.
  • To provide a dynamic learning environment, the sessions are best when limited to a maximum of 15 students.
  • All training sessions are conducted in-house. Visit In-House Training for member and non-member fee structure.

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