セキュリティタスクフォースは、STMicroelectronics の Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze 氏が委員長を務めています。 すべての GlobalPlatform メンバーは、このグループに参加する資格が持ち、承認された非メンバーの政府機関も参加できます。




  • 外部のセキュリティ組織と連携して協力し、幅広いユースケースと市場セクターからのセキュリティ要件が GlobalPlatform に確実に反映されるようにします
  • GlobalPlatform の技術委員会に、セキュリティの理念、暗号、認証、適用性について助言します
  • 政府機関およびそのセキュリティ専門家とのコラボレーションを促進して、市場の要件を定義します


  • IoT のセキュアなテクノロジーの特定と分類を継続
  • IoT における SCP のユースケースの開発
  • リモート接続に制限がある場合のIoT暗号化の制約を特定
  • 暗号のアジリティとポスト量子暗号に関する進歩的な活動
  • 暗号化アルゴリズムの推奨テーブルを維持および更新
  • GlobalPlatform テクノロジーと TPM テクノロジー(または他の同等のライブラリ)を組み合わせる方法の定義
  • セキュリティレベルの定義と更新された認証プログラムの完成
  • MCU 保護プロファイルの開発における TEE 委員会のサポート
  • 認証機関や研究所が、IoT プラットフォームのセキュリティ評価基準(SESIP)方法論を既存のスキームに統合し、評価の一貫性を確保することを支援するため、以下で構成される評価方法論を作成します。
    • ベンダー向けのテンプレート
    • 疑似 SFR のデータベース
    • 攻撃方法論とのリンク

RoT 要件



GlobalPlatform RoT の概要(英語)

GlobalPlatform の RoT の定義と要件のビデオの紹介では、RoT とは何か、GlobalPlatform が技術文書を作成した理由について説明しています。



GlobalPlatform のセキュリティタスクフォースによって作成されたこのビジネス出版物は、セキュリティを中核としたデバイスとサービスを設計することの重要性を説明しています。

Crypto Sub-Task Force

GlobalPlatform promotes cross industry discussion to identify and address market requirements

Crypto Sub-Task Force

GlobalPlatform promotes cross industry discussion to identify and address market requirements


The purpose of the Crypto sub-task force is to evaluate and provide recommendations on the cryptographic mechanisms used in GlobalPlatform technology, to ensure high levels of security as cryptography trends and technologies evolve.


  • Analyze and report on relevant trends in cryptographic development for new markets and new use cases, as well as trends in cryptographic standardization and policies.
  • Evaluate cryptographic algorithms and protocols, and suggest improvements/modifications to GlobalPlatform when appropriate
  • Identify new cryptographic algorithms and protocols to be considered by GlobalPlatform
  • Provide analysis and recommendations on specific cryptography topics.
  • Collaborate with external industry groups and organizations, through the GP liaison process, in order to better understand and gather functional and technical requirements.

Current Priorities

  • Examine hybrid crypto approaches starting with TLS, to be able to recommend a version in the near future that is acceptable with SE (and TEE) constraints, including collaboration with the GlobalPlatform IoTopia Task Force to understand impact for size-constrained embedded devices.
  • Progress work on hybrid post-quantum cryptography (PQC), including a plan for the integration of new algorithms published security standards bodies including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
SESIP Sub-Task Force

GlobalPlatform promotes cross industry discussion to identify and address market requirements

SESIP Sub-Task Force

The SESIP sub-task force is chaired by Eve Atallah of NXP Semiconductors. All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in this group.


The objective of the SESIP Sub-Task Force is to develop and drive global adoption and recognition of the Security Evaluation for IoT Standard (SESIP) methodology across markets, to address the unique complexities and challenges of the evolving IoT ecosystem and promote consistency across IoT certification schemes.


  • Develop and maintain GlobalPlatform’s SESIP methodology, expand applicability to a global audience and grow awareness of GlobalPlatform’s role in IoT security certification.
  • Collaboration with Government agencies including ENISA and NIST, SOG-IS Certification Bodies, and global Standardization groups such as ISO and ETSI, to increase recognition of SESIP certificates, and create Protection Profiles that map SESIP to other standards requirements.
  • Establishing SESIP governance within GlobalPlatform.

Current Priorities

  • Establish SESIP as an international standard by contributing the methodology to CEN CENELEC.
  • Support Certification Bodies and laboratories to integrate the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) methodology alongside their existing schemes and ensure consistency of evaluations, by creating an Evaluation Methodology composed of:
    • Templates for vendors
    • Database of pseudo SFRs
    • Link with Attack Methodologies.
  • Define how the automotive industry can use standardized security technologies and the SESIP methodology to drive innovation, security and operational efficiency.

Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze


Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyze currently serves as Senior R&D Engineer at STMicroelectronics. Within this role he has software architecture responsibilities for the NFC ecosystem and secure elements. He joined STMicroelectronics in 2003 and since 1999 Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyze has been active in several smart card projects for banking, transport and near field communication. Mr. Van Nieuwenhuyze joined the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors in 2017.

Carlos Serratos

SGS Brightsight

Carlos Serratos, Senior Director Strategy, Policy and Advocacy at SGS Brightsight, is a specialist in IoT security and compliance. On this role, he engages with policy makers, regulators and industry across verticals and regions, addressing trust enablement issues for compliance, risk management and accountability purposes. He’s a board member of Eurosmart, as well co-chairing IoT security WG5 at the Global Silicon Alliance and the SESIP sub-task force at GlobalPlatform.

Béatrice Peirani


Beatrice Peirani joined Thales in 2006 and serves as the Standardization Manager, with expertise in security. She has participated in various standardization activities, including deployment of eIDAS through ETSI and CEN, ISO SC27 and FIDO where she is chair of the Security & Privacy Working Group. In 2019, Beatrice was appointed to chair GlobalPlatform’s Crypto Sub Task Force where she is responsible for overseeing and inputting to the Security Task Force’s work on cryptographic agility and post-quantum cryptography.

Eve Atallah

NXP Semiconductors

Eve Atallah, Security Certification Expert in NXP Semiconductor, is a specialist in security evaluation and certification of IT products. In NXP, she is in the IoT Certification Team working on topics related to IoT security. She is the chair of the SESIP sub-Task Force at GlobalPlatform.


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