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Chris Steck

Strategic Director – IoT
Cisco Systems

Chris Steck is Head of Standardization, IoT & Industries for Cisco, where he is responsible for the overall strategy for Cisco’s commercial and industrial IoT standards initiatives, which includes aligning Cisco’s IoT security standards strategy across multiple vertical (5GAA, 5G-ACIA, IIC, OPC, OPAF, OCF) and horizontal consortia (WFA, LoRaWAN, 3GPP, GSMA, oneM2M, OMA,Thread, IEC, IEEE, TCG and Charter of Trust).  Chris also serves on the board of the Open Connectivity Foundation where Cisco is leading Smart Commercial Building specification, and open source efforts to develop an application-agnostic common IoT app framework to drive the proliferation of IoT devices that are interoperable and secure on both managed and unmanaged networks.

Chris held a similar technology strategy role at Jasper, prior to their acquisition by Cisco, driving Jasper’s standards interests in LPWA networking, device provisioning/management, and IoT security. Prior to that, he drove standardization of voice enhancement software and hardware capabilities for Audience (now a part of Knowles), and held similar responsibilities at RealNetworks, driving standards and guiding research in digital media, while serving on the board of the International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium as CTO.  Much further back he spent several years at Microsoft on Win95 through XP.

A veteran of several startups along the way, he’s also created mobile apps for managing family life, a WiFi phone switch, an operating system GUI for early smartphones, and computer telephony & speech recognition software.

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