Certified Trust – A Seminar on Certification Schemes for Taiwan’s IoT Security Ecosystem

In November 30, 2022, GlobalPlatform, with support of Primary Sponsor and Full Member Winbond, is hosting an in-person and virtual seminar on Certified Trust. This free-to-attend seminar takes place in Taipei, Taiwan and is open to GlobalPlatform members and non-members.



The national significance of this seminar

To advance Taiwan’s position as a critical force in the global economy, the Taiwanese Government has introduced several important programs. This includes the ‘5+2 Innovative Industries Program’ which covers seven industries including intelligent machinery and Asia Silicon Valley. The government has also announced its ‘National Security 2.0 Strategy’ for 2021.

Outlining cybersecurity as a national priority is an opportunity for Taiwan’s technology sector to become a hot zone for the development of secure, trusted technologies at home and abroad. Through the adoption of internationally recognized standards that ensure security-by-design, as well as trust through certification, Taiwan’s semiconductor and ICT industries have already started to distinguish their commitment to cybersecurity. They are poised now to secure a central role in global supply chains and establish Taiwan as a major base for the development of next generation technologies, including IoT, 5G and AI.

The success of this will ultimately hinge on the development of an effective cybersecurity industry. Creating cybersecurity systems and an industrial chain that can integrate with 5G in vertical industries will help bolster digital transformation across Taiwan and garner the trust of global markets.

Achieving this, however, rests on Taiwan establishing strong connections to global Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and certification bodies. GlobalPlatform is one such association. It has enabling technologies and certifications that can help Taiwan achieve its mission, and our seminar is an important step on this journey.

With a mix of local on-site speakers and virtual presenters, delegates attending this seminar will hear from and interact with cybersecurity experts. The seminar will explore the value of certification and provide technical and business-oriented insights to help delegates understand market and business needs.

Seminar Overview

The growing number of IoT products, and the complexity of these connected things, introduces new challenges to the traditional secure development and evaluation process. IoT products are made up of multiple components, which are developed by multiple players, many of which are new to security. A myriad of different regulations and certification frameworks create an added layer of complexity for the IoT vendors, developers and service providers tasked with demonstrating the security capability of their products.

This Seminar will showcase a path to Certified Trust by providing the latest information about Secure Component technologies and security evaluation methodologies, specifically designed to support IoT device makers and certification bodies to establish their own IoT device security and certification schemes.

The Seminar will bring forward security expertise not only from GlobalPlatform, but also from prestigious Taiwan cybersecurity research institutes Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Institute for Information Industry (III), and government security laboratory Telecom Technology Center (TTC).  The Seminar will emphasize solutions that are available today, giving delegates the tools and consultation they need to have an immediate impact on their own company IoT initiatives.

Seminar Agenda

Time: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm CET
Location: Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel

9:00–9:40 Welcome Reception and MOU Signing 
9:40–10:00 Opening Keynote — Stéphanie El Rhomri, GlobalPlatform Chair
10:00–10:30 Keynote: Embrace proactive security for IoT – Cathy Yeh, Microsoft
10:30 – 11:00 Presentation: What is SESIP — Methodology, Security Labeling, Applicability – Wouter Slegers, TrustCB
11:00 – 11:20 Coffee Break
11:20 – 11:50 Keynote: Cybersecurity regulations made easy with SESIP – Mr. Tung-Yi Chan, TEEMA / Winbond
11:50–12:20 Presentation: Overview of US IoT and cybersecurity legislation and outlook for the future — Paul Watrobski, NIST
12:20–12:50 Panel discussion: Cybersecurity Challenges, Legislation and Standards — Moderator: Stéphanie El Rhomri – GlobalPlatform Chair, Paul Watrobski – NIST, Alex Chong – III, Gil Bernabeu – GlobalPlatform, Wouter Slegers – Trust CB.
12:50–14:10 Lunch Break
14:10–14:40 Presentation: Use case – SESIP for Automotive Cybersecurity – Gil Bernabeu, CTO GlobalPlatform and Francesca Forestieri, Automotive Director GlobalPlatform
14:40–15:00 Presentation: SESIP MCU and External Memory PPs – Ilia Stolov, Winbond
15:00–15:30 Presentation: Introduction to Taiwan Chip Security Standard for ICT Product Supply Chain — Alex Chong, III
15:30–15:50 Coffee Break
15:50–16:20 Presentation: SESIP Mapping to security standards and PSA Certified – Bruno Mussard, ST Microelectronics
16:20–16:50 Presentation: The power of combination, using SESIP to build a cyber-safe product– Kelvin Yen, SGS Brightsight
16:50–17:00 Closing Remarks — Ana Tavares Lattibeaudiere, Executive Director GlobalPlatform


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Seminar Speakers

Delegates attending GlobalPlatform’s technical seminar will learn from some of the industry’s foremost experts on securing digital services and devices.

Speakers you will hear from include:


Mr. Bernabeu is the Technical Advisor for the Standardization and Technology Department at Thales. In this role, he supports Thales’s marketing and product groups to deploy trusted and convenient digital services.

Mr. Bernabeu was elected as GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director in 2005. His main role is to drive forward the development of GlobalPlatform’s specifications to deploy secure services. Mr. Bernabeu also acts as GlobalPlatform’s central technical liaison point, coordinating the efforts of the organization’s four technical committees – Secure Element (SE), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Trusted Platform Services (TPS) and IoTopia – and the GlobalPlatform Task Forces with external partners.


Ms. El Rhomri is Chair of the TEE Compliance Group, and has served on the GlobalPlatform Board since 2015. In 2017 she was appointed to GlobalPlatform Secretary and in 2021, she was appointed as GlobalPlatform  Chair.

As Vice President, Services at FIME, Ms. El Rhomri is responsible for developing new services, understanding international technology trends and ensuring alignment of FIME’s NFC and payments offering.


Wouter is a long time, vital member of the formal certification community from Common Criteria evaluator in 1997 to certifier in 2010 and CEO and founder of TrustCB, one of the biggest CC CBs in 2018. In all these roles Wouter creates convincing proofs why disruptive technology still meets traditional requirements in predictably short time to certification. Not only with the development of various schemes (NSCIB, MIFARE, GSMA eSA and more), but also improving the state of the art in various workgroups (JHAS, JIL WG1, EUCC, EU5G, Matter, …)  and the specialised IoT evaluation methodology SESIP of which Wouter is one of the two original authors.


Bruno Mussard is Security Marketing Manager for general purpose STM32 microcontrollers at STMicroelectronics. This role is about defining the security features of the STM32 devices in order to simplify and accelerate the development of trusted embedded solutions by our customers. This definition is done in conformance to the GlobalPlatform SESIP certification program as an enabler to demonstrate security evidence and to build customer trust.


Paul Watrobski is an IT Security Specialist in the Applied Cybersecurity Division (ACD) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He has worked on a number of projects at NIST including spectrum sharing, mitigating IoT-based distributed denial of service (DDoS) using the manufacturer usage description (MUD), and is currently a co-principle investigator for an NCCoE project on secure IoT network-layer onboarding and lifecycle management. His most recent work at NIST has revolved around the Executive Order (EO) 14028 – Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.


Former Head of Global Information Security at HTC
Former Sales Director at Hewlett Packard (HP)
Former Project Manager at Deloitte Risk Advisory


Winbond Electronics Corporation is a total memory solution provider. The Company provides customer-driven memory solutions backed by the expert capabilities of product design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales services.

Winbond’s product portfolio, consisting of Specialty DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Code Storage Flash, and TrustME® Secure Flash, is widely used by tier-1 customers in communication, consumer electronics, automotive and industrial, and computer peripheral markets.

Winbond is headquartered in Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) and it has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, Israel, China and Hong Kong, and Germany.

Based on Taichung and new Kaohsiung 12-inch fabs in Taiwan, Winbond keeps pace to develop in-house technologies to provide high-quality memory IC products.


SGS Brightsight offers security evaluations to developers and manufacturers of security products, such as terminals, smartcards, hardware and software solutions. It has over 30 years of experience in evaluating products against a variety of requirements.

SGS Brightsight offers consultancy services, training and unique analysis tools to ensure a precise preparation for a comprehensive product approval process. Close collaboration during the development phase enables SGS Brightsight to understand each customer’s individual security needs.

Its customers include international financial institutions, governments, and IT and automotive industries. The results of SGS Brightsight’s evaluations are used by major international organizations such as EMVCo, Mastercard, PCI-PTS and Visa. It is also the only lab in the world certified by five Common Criteria Schemes.

Travel & Venue

November 30, 2022
Sheraton Taipei Hotel
No. 12, Section 1, Zhongxiao E Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

Website: Sheraton Taipei Hotel

Attendance Details

If you plan to attend this seminar in-person, please go to the Registration Page and ensure that you select the “On-Site Registration” option.

If you are a GlobalPlatform member and are unable to attend this seminar in-person, you can register to attend virtually through the GlobalPlatform Member Calendar.

Limited Seating

In-person seating for this seminar is limited. In order to avoid disappointment, please register now.

We politely request you inform the GlobalPlatform Secretariat should you be unable to attend after registering.

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