GlobalPlatform Use Cases

Real world applications of GlobalPlatform technology

Traditional use cases for the Secure Element (SE) included payment cards, wearables and SIM cards, while the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) enabled the development of secure mobile biometric authentication and financial services.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, however, more and more sectors are requiring foundational digital security to securely deliver innovative products and services.

The use cases detailed below are just a few of the many global applications, made possible by GlobalPlatform specifications, across different industries.

Why GlobalPlatform for connected car

Traditional interaction has been between human and car. Now, with connected car capabilities, interaction has also been enabled between consumer devices and the connected vehicle, connected vehicle to connected vehicle, and connected vehicle to road infrastructure.

Why GlobalPlatform for cellular network connectivity

GlobalPlatform technology enables authenticated connectivity and remote SIM provisioning (RSP).

Why GlobalPlatform for Industry 4.0

As we enter another industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 calls for higher levels of security.

Why GlobalPlatform for premium content protection

Protecting premium content is crucial for both content owners and service providers.

Why GlobalPlatform for transportation

Moving transport ticketing to smartphones increases end user convenience and enables the provision of value-added services.

Why GlobalPlatform for wearables

If left vulnerable, wearable devices can be compromised, putting personal data and intellectual property (IP) at risk. To achieve interoperable, user-friendly and reliable interaction between wearables and the wider IoT ecosystem, there needs to be a standardized solution for securing and managing these devices.

Why GlobalPlatform for Mobile Authentication

GlobalPlatform-certified Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Secure Element (SE) secure components enable a variety of authentication deployment scenarios on client-devices and across a range of vertical markets.

Why GlobalPlatform for Biometric Payment Cards

Payment cards are trusted by consumers and widely accepted by merchants, making them one of the most popular payment form factors.

Have you used GlobalPlatform technology in a recent project? If you have and would like to contribute to a future use case, email a brief overview.

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