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GlobalPlatform has leveraged its technical expertise in application management to offer a two-part secure chip technology training program. Firstly, the Card Technology program has been designed to improve industry knowledge of the specifications available from GlobalPlatform, their function and capabilities, and the business benefits gained from implementing highly specified and standardized technology.

The association also offers a training program which educates participants on the role of GlobalPlatform Specifications in relation to contactless-enabled services on mobile platforms. The key topics covered in the program include secure element management and an overview of how GlobalPlatform Specifications support the mobile wallet, trusted service manager and mobile messaging.

Training options

The GlobalPlatform Card Specification training is delivered online and in instructor-led sessions:

  1. Online – the Card Specification training program is now offered as an online course. Click here to learn more.
  2. Instructor-led – GlobalPlatform offers two options for instructor-led training for both of its Card Specification and Contactless training programs. Students can either attend an open training session or arrange a session within their organization:
    • Attend an open training session in your region - Click here for forthcoming open training sessions.
    • Organize a 'client-focused' training session at your organization - Click here for information on client-focused training opportunities.

TEE training

Additionally, GlobalPlatform offers a two-day instructor-led training program focused on the trusted execution environment (TEE). The course, available to both GlobalPlatform members and non-members, is designed to improve knowledge of the TEE specifications and to explain how to effectively implement and use a TEE environment.

Key topics include the TEE System Architecture, the various APIs associated with the TEE, the Trusted User Interface and the TEE Administration Framework. TEE compliance testing, the TEE Protection Profile, and TEE certification will also be covered.

If you would like further information regarding the GlobalPlatform TEE Training Program, please contact the secretariat.