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How to Participate

For a laboratory to achieve GlobalPlatform accredited status, the organization must be a GlobalPlatform Full Member or Participating Member (participating in the TEE Committee) in good standing.

Once membership is confirmed, security laboratories can apply to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security Evaluation Secretariat to initiate the accreditation process. The laboratory's processes will then be analyzed on-site to ensure that it is equipped to thoroughly evaluate a TEE product in line with the GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile.

In addition to the opportunity to contribute to this initiative, there are many other benefits to becoming a GlobalPlatform member.

Non-GlobalPlatform members wishing to purchase member documents such as Test Suites, please visit our store.

The legal and technical forms applicable to each type of qualification are provided below.

Participation Forms

Product Vendor


GlobalPlatform Security Evaluation Agreement

Exhibit B – GlobalPlatform Product Evaluation Request Form

TEE Security Target Template

GlobalPlatform Laboratory Accreditation Request Form

GlobalPlatform Security Laboratory Relationship Agreement

Certification fees for Product Vendors

GlobalPlatform Product Security Certification Pricing