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This maintenance release does not introduce any modification of the API itself but provides a complementary item: the Java Card export file in format version 2.3 as defined since release 3.1 of the Java Card specifications. This may advantageously be used with tools from the Java Card 3.1 Development Kit to perform additional security checks on Applications. This release still includes the export file in older version 2.1 format (targeting deployments on older Java Card platforms).

The new export files are also included for some previous API versions.

Previous Version(s)

GlobalPlatform Card API – org.globalplatform.upgrade v1.1 Mar 2018

This updated API accompanies the Executable Load File Upgrade amendment, which adds the support to upgrade multiple Executable Load Files in one upgrade session.

GlobalPlatform Card API - org.globalplatform.upgrade v1.0 Feb 2017

This document defines an extension of the GlobalPlatform Card Specification to facilitate the upgrade of Executable Load Files in a Secure Element. A process and a dedicated API are defined which allow upgrading an Executable Load File. The API shall be used by on-card Applications in order to preserve their instance data while their Executable Load File is being upgraded.

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