Technical Overview

Protecting and securing the management of digital services and devices

GlobalPlatform technology gives service providers and device manufacturers the means to interact seamlessly when deploying secure digital services, regardless of market or device type. The resulting collaboration makes the mass marketing of secure digital services possible, while bringing time and cost efficiencies to stakeholders within the ecosystem.

  • GlobalPlatform is committed to maintaining the stability of its specifications and configurations while addressing new and evolving market requirements.
  • GlobalPlatform specifications provide a security architecture with the flexibility to support different market requirements on the same secure component.
  • GlobalPlatform solutions can be sourced competitively from multiple suppliers, ensuring that stakeholders are not locked into single source commercial relationships.
  • GlobalPlatform technical documents originate from member collaboration within the association’s technical committees – the Secure Element (SE), Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Trusted Platform Services (TPS) committees.
  • Before launch, GlobalPlatform technical documents undergo a rigorous review process which includes: committee, member and public review.
  • Upon release, all of GlobalPlatform’s technical documents are available to download from its public website.
  • All documents are free to GlobalPlatform members. For non-members, some documents are available free of charge and others are available for purchase.


Protection of Digital Services

Managing risk is in the interests of both service provider and device manufacturer.  GlobalPlatform technology enables secure digital services to be brought to market by protecting digital assets and their associated security services.  GlobalPlatform does this by standardizing two secure component technologies: Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).  These address various functional and security requirements of the market, while offering service providers the required levels of on-device security for their needs.

Secure Remote Management of Digital Services

GlobalPlatform makes possible standardized, end-to-end remote management and updates of digital services across any connectivity channel. Additionally, to support a multiple market sector approach, GlobalPlatform also standardizes messaging between actors in the value chain, so they understand what data and formats are required to load or provision a service into a secure component.

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