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2017 Press Releases

06 Sep 2017GlobalPlatform Publishes On-Device NFC Service Management Specification
31 Jul 2017GlobalPlatform Brings Annual TEE Seminar to China
03 Jul 2017GlobalPlatform Simplifies Management of Privacy-Enhanced Identity Documents
13 Jun 2017GlobalPlatform Technology Deployed on 22 Billion Secure Elements
22 May 2017GlobalPlatform Launches Developers’ Kit to Ease and Expedite Development of Secure Mobile Services
04 May 2017Transport and Mobile Community Define Management Framework for Delivering Mobile Ticketing Services
15 Mar 2017GlobalPlatform Announces 2017 Board of Directors
13 Mar 2017Industry Bodies Align to Standardize On-Device NFC Service Management
26 Jan 2017GlobalPlatform Releases Consumer-Centric Model Configuration
17 Jan 2017Specification Standardizes Management of Trusted Execution Environments and Trusted Applications
11 Jan 2017GlobalPlatform enables the Web to access Advanced Security Services

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