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GlobalPlatform Fall All- Member Meetings in Vienna

Thank you to everyone who made it to the Fall Meetings in Vienna last month. It was great to be joined by familiar faces and to welcome some of our newest members. For those of you unable to attend, we had a busy and exciting few days including a Joint Task Force Meeting for IoT, which included presentations on home automation, mobile identity and IoT from the perspective of the MNO, and a Wearables Workshop with special use case presentations from Tag Heuer and the United States Department of Defense.

The Security Task Force was also joined by renowned cryptographer Dr. Joan Daemen, winner of the Levchin Prize for Real World Cryptography, for a presentation on SHA-3, its extensions and its applicability to GlobalPlatform. And finally, we videotaped the All Member Plenary Session to capture last year’s accomplishments and next year’s committee and task force priorities. These videos will be made available on the member website soon.

We have also confirmed the dates for our Spring All-Member Meetings: April 16-202018 in San Diego, California. Further details will be announced early next year.

Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee

While in Vienna, we hosted the inaugural meeting of the Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee. This new committee aims to provide a standard set of ‘developer-friendly’ APIs for application vendors who wish to make use of the secure services offered by a secure component.

As such, we have identified the following Workgroups:

  • Roof of Trust Services (RoT) WG
    • The purpose of the group is to create and maintain documentation defining RoT services to simplify access to Secure Component services related to device ID, IoT service enrolment and secure boot.
  • Low Level Services WG
    • The purpose of the group is to create and maintain specifications to integrate specific services offered by a secure component to the device environment (REE).
  • Functional APIs WG
    • The purpose of the group is to create and maintain documentation defining services supporting functional APIs oriented to the needs of application developers on the REE which simplify access to services offered by Secure Components.
  • Compliance WG
    • The purpose of the group is to test the functional behavior of a product against GlobalPlatform TPS specifications to achieve market interoperability and reduce ecosystem fragmentation.
  • Open Source Apache 2 WG
    • The purpose of the group is to maintain published open source documents and manage the creation, support and delivery of open source software implementations.

We are also pleased to announce that the TPS Committee Chair will be Jeremy O’Donoghue, Principal Engineer / Manager, Secure Systems, Qualcomm and the Vice Chair will be Suresh Marisetty, Emerging Segments Security & Systems Architecture, ARM.

Board Officer Election Results

Thank you to our voting members who took part in the 2018 GlobalPlatform Board election! With five board seats open in the closely contested election, we have now announced the individuals who have been elected to serve a two-year term. The aim of the Board is to drive the association’s vision to create collaborative and open ecosystems in which stakeholders can effectively deliver secure digital services and devices, and we are confident that the new Board of Directors will continue to work hard to make this a reality.

Please visit our website for further details.

New Specification: Open Firmware Loader for Tamper Resistant Elements (OFL)

This new specification standardizes how secure element (SE) firmware can be remotely loaded and managed onto a SE such as a SIM, embedded SE or eUICC / eSIM, or integrated SE - even after a device has been issued.

This is the first document that has been released through our new Fast Track Process and we would like to thank members for their contributions to the specification and its public release.  You can learn more about the specification here.

New Documents Available for Public Review

Did You Miss? GlobalPlatform’s New Organizational Structure

In last month’s newsletter, GlobalPlatform announced several important changes to our organizational structure, including the introduction of the new Trusted Platform Services (TPS) Committee.

We detailed these changes in our webinar titled ‘Introduction to GlobalPlatform’s New Organizational Structure’ which you can download from the member website.

Non-members who wish to learn more about the recent organizational structure may inquire with the Secretariat at secretariat@globalplatform.o rg

GlobalPlatform Training

Keep an eye out for our 2018 training calendar which will be available on the website soon!

In the meantime, don’t forget to register here for our online Card Training program, designed to improve students' industry knowledge of the function, capability and flexibility of the Card Specifications. The online training allows students to move through the curriculum at a pace, time and location of their choosing.

Full details of the in-house and customized technical training sessions that GlobalPlatform provides can be found on our website.

With kind regards,
Kevin Gillick


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