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GlobalPlatform members are entitled to various discounts off the registration fees for some of the events listed in this calendar. For more information on how to claim the available discounts, please contact GlobalPlatform's PR agency, iseepr.

GlobalPlatform supports IoT Tech Expo North America

12 September 2017:
Providing Security for Digital Services and Devices

Sheraton Grand Beijing Dongcheng Hotel | Beijing, China

12-13 September 2017: Consumer Identity World USA - Seattle, USA

GlobalPlatform supports Consumer Identity World USA

12-14 September 2017: GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas - San Francisco

GlobalPlatform supports GSMA Mobile World Congress Americas

19-20 September 2017: Smart Summit London - London

GlobalPlatform supports Smart Summit London

25-27 September 2017: World e-ID and Cybersecurity - Marseille

GlobalPlatform supports World e-ID and Cybersecurity

25-27 September 2017: Connect Security World - Marseille

GlobalPlatform supports Connect Security World

25-27 September 2017: Security Automation World - Marseille

GlobalPlatform supports Security Automation World

25-27 September 2017: Identity World - Marseille

GlobalPlatform supports Identity World

3-6 October 2017: CEATECH Japan - Makuhari Messe

GlobalPlatform Activity:

Speaker: Eikazu Niwano (NTT Corporation)
Presentation: Securing IoT Deployments with GlobalPlatform Qualified Components
Date: Thursday 5 October
Time: 10:00 AM

14-15 October 2017: Cybersecurity With the Best - Online conference

GlobalPlatform supports Cybersecurity With the Best

14-15 October 2017: IoT With the Best - Online Conference

GlobalPlatform supports IoT With the Best

22-25 October 2017: Money 20/20 US - Las Vegas

GlobalPlatform supports Money 20/20 US

13-14 November 2017: Secure IoT - Dubai

GlobalPlatform supports Secure IoT

28-30 November 2017: TRUSTECH - Cannes

GlobalPlatform supports TRUSTECH

28-29 November 2017: Consumer Identity World Europe - Paris, France

GlobalPlatform supports Consumer Identity World Europe

29-30 November 2017: IoT Tech Expo North America - Santa Clara

GlobalPlatform Activity:

Panelist: Kevin Gillick
Panel: Creating a standards framework for IoT
Track: Developing for the IoT
Time: 9:50 AM

13-14 December 2017: Consumer Identity World APAC - Singapore

GlobalPlatform supports Consumer Identity World APAC

21-22 March 2018: IoT Asia - Singapore

GlobalPlatform supports Consumer IoT Asia

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Tel: +44 (0) 113 350 1922
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