Premium Content Task Force

The position of Chair of the Premium Content Task Force is currently open. All GlobalPlatform members are eligible to participate in this group.

GlobalPlatform established the Premium Content Task Force in 2012 in response to the growing consumption of premium content on mobile devices, tablets, set-top boxes and smart TVs that needed to be hosted in a protected and secure environment. The group recognizes that stakeholders need to have clearly defined standards to ensure market consistency, promote product confidence and encourage a commercially viable ecosystem.


The Premium Content Task Force works with:

  • Content copyright holders
  • Studios
  • Content aggregators
  • Technology providers
  • Device manufacturers

The task force works with the above groups to further understand the security requirements needed to protect all forms of media content. Using this information, the group collaborated with the relevant technical committees to ensure that GlobalPlatform Specifications can be enhanced to provide compelling solutions to the market.

Current Priorities

  • Collaborate with the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Security Working Group to extend the TEE Protection Profile for Secure Media Path (SMP), which may include architectural enhancements
  • Promote the TEE Security Certification Program to the content ecosystem
  • Explore the impact of new use cases for:
    • Watermarking
    • Augmented Reality (AR / Virtual Reality (VR) assets
    • Create a taxonomy of assets
  • Leverage GlobalPlatform TEE Protection Profile for pre-certification of SMP and DRM implementation for UHD content
  • Special topics (e.g. Link protection revocation, TRNG, title diversity, GPU in SMP) – develop documents and webinars available for external download
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Premium Content Task Force Chair

This position is currently open

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