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Self-Tested Products

GlobalPlatform allows card vendors who have successfully self-tested their products for compliance to GlobalPlatform Configurations using a qualified test tool to submit their claim of compliance for posting on the GlobalPlatform website.

There are no products self-tested for compliance at this time.

Products self-tested for compliance to GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 market configurations


Product Details

GlobalPlatform Market Configuration






*These lists provides details of vendors that have successfully self-tested their products for compliance to the GlobalPlatform Specifications. GlobalPlatform does not offer approval or certification of individual products and does not guarantee that products listed here will perform or interoperate in any given manner. GlobalPlatform registers claims of self-tested product compliance on this site based solely on the test audit results provided to GlobalPlatform by product vendors who have self-tested using a GlobalPlatform Qualified Tool or a tool created from GlobalPlatform's test suites and adaptation layers. As such, the product developer is accountable for ensuring that the product conforms to the specifications and purchasers of self-tested products should conduct due diligence and confirm all aspects of the product's claims prior to purchase.