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GlobalPlatform is committed to ensuring the long-term interoperability of embedded applications on secure chip technology. It has developed an open and thoroughly evaluated compliance ecosystem for the secure element (SE), trusted execution environment (TEE) devices and systems, with qualified products, test tool suppliers and laboratories.

The GlobalPlatform Compliance Program evaluates the functional behavior of a product against the requirements outlined by GlobalPlatform Configurations and associated specifications to achieve market interoperability.

While service providers should seek to ensure the interoperability of their products through compliance testing as a first step, to ensure that their services will behave as intended when deployed in the field, the second step for service providers is to ensure their products have been evaluated for conformance to required security levels. In support of this, GlobalPlatform also offers a TEE certification scheme. Visit the Certification page to read more about GlobalPlatform’ s security evaluation work.

GlobalPlatform Product Qualification
A product must be submitted to a GlobalPlatform qualified laboratory and competently perform a number of tests to achieve GlobalPlatform qualification. The laboratory will send its test report to the GlobalPlatform Compliance Secretariat for evaluation and issuance of a 'Letter of Qualification'.

Read GlobalPlatform Self Testing and Product Qualification Processes to understand the procedures to be completed by a product manufacturer to certify a product. The document also explains the respective responsibilities between product vendor, test tool supplier, test laboratory and GlobalPlatform.

GlobalPlatform Laboratory Qualification
To achieve qualified status, GlobalPlatform member laboratories must successfully meet the criteria set forth by GlobalPlatform and use GlobalPlatform qualified test tools. A test laboratory must also have the expertise to confirm a product's compliance to GlobalPlatform Configurations, and can offer third party validation that is neutral and results that are verifiable.

GlobalPlatform Test Tool Qualification
To achieve GlobalPlatform qualified status, test tools should support GlobalPlatform's functional requirements, and competently performed the test suite on a number of products during a GlobalPlatform TestFest.

Self-Testing Products
Vendors can self-test products by purchasing a
GlobalPlatform qualified test tool. To understand this procedure further and the responsibilities of the product manufacturer read GlobalPlatform Self Testing and Product Qualification Processes.


Number of GlobalPlatform Qualified Products

GlobalPlatform acts as registration authority for all qualification claims. It has launched a dedicated compliance secretariat which manages the issuance of the compliance trademark to test tools and laboratories, as well as oversee product certification. For an overview of the secretariat's role and the processes implemented by GlobalPlatform to manage this program, download An Introduction to GlobalPlatform Compliance Secretariat . To contact this body for further information, please contact secretariat@globalplatform .org .
Other useful legal materials that apply to this process include:

These documents are subject to updates and revision and should be regularly monitored on this page: Program Updates.