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Mobile Task Force

GlobalPlatform's Mobile Task Force (MTF) evaluates the business and technical requirements of the secure mobile services ecosystem and ensures an agreed and workable application management infrastructure is established. This includes efforts to support GlobalPlatform Technical Committee work to improve the security of the mobile infrastructure by advancing work related to the secure element (SE), the trusted execution environment (TEE) and the mobile messaging framework.

89 GlobalPlatform member companies currently participate in MTF activity.

Although the MTF formalizes GlobalPlatform's current activity within the sector, GlobalPlatform has worked with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) since 1999, to standardize over-the-air (OTA) application download and the management of applications on SEs.

Public Transportation Sub-Task Force

GlobalPlatform recognizes the value that its technology can offer the public transport sector and as a result created a Transportation Sub-Task Force. The key objective of the group is to actively contribute to the evolution of smart ticketing solutions and to promote the benefits that GlobalPlatform's established technology can bring to the sector. The group has previously published two white papers titled: GlobalPlatform's Value Proposition for the Public Transportation Industry: Seamless, Secure Travel Throughout Multiple Transportation Networks and GlobalPlatform On-Chip Services: Seamlessly Performing Payment Transactions within the Existing Transportation Ticketing Infrastructure. The sub-task force also contributed towards GlobalPlatform's definition of the TEE alongside the Device Committee, which included the launch of a white paper entitled: The GlobalPlatform Value Proposition for Remote Post-Issuance Secure Access Modules (SAM) Management.

Embedded SE Interfaces Sub-Task Force

This sub-task force focuses on the concept of standardizing the embedded SE interface and liaising with necessary industry associations to ensure market consistency. The ultimate objective is to establish a GlobalPlatform Compliance Program for embedded SEs that will shorten the security certification process.

Mobile Task Force activities and achievements

2016 Activities and Priorities:

  • To continue discussing priority topics such as wearables, biometrics, derived credentials, HCE, tokenization, and other mobile trends.
  • To gather requirements from financial institutions regarding security and authentication.
  • To host a workshop to facilitate discussion between mobile and financial industry players.
  • To facilitate a meeting on biometrics with relevant industry players.
  • To continue work on the white paper to define GlobalPlatform's proposition for mobile / digital wallets.
  • To support the Device and Systems Committees in their activity to advance a common view of the security level of a device.
  • To continue to collaborate with other partner associations to advance GlobalPlatform's work related to the TEE.
  • To pursue and advance collaborations for secure and convenient mobile services with EMVCo, ETSI, GSMA, Mobey Forum, Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), SIMalliance, the SD Association and NFC Forum.
  • To address transportation requirements in association with the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee 204 (ISO TC204) Working Group 8 (Public Transport and Emergency) and Smart Ticketing Alliance.
  • To collaborate with the Card and Systems Committees in evaluating the need for expansion of the GlobalPlatform Specifications to address the emerging embedded SE being adopted by the mobile industry.
  • To support the Card Committee in the development of specifications for the management of multiple SEs within a mobile device.

Over the past 12 months the Task Force:

  • Established a liaison with the Smart Ticketing Alliance, with the objective of defining an end to end simplified framework for transit.
  • Initiated joint work with GSMA and Google on SEAC (Secure Element Access Control), to discuss Device API control.
  • Published a white paper on Mobile ID, discussing how credentials can be managed and implemented in a SE or a TEE using GlobalPlatform Specifications.
  • Collaborated with the Card Committee in the completion and publication of the Consumer Centric Configuration.

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.