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Identity Task Force

The GlobalPlatform Identity Task Force (ITF) was established in 2015 to identify and address the identity use cases that can be supported by GlobalPlatform technologies, including and specifically encompassing privacy.

47 GlobalPlatform member companies currently participate in the task force’s activity.

The scope of activities encompasses:

  • Government Identity – – to continue GlobalPlatform’s role in addressing the long-term needs of governments engaged in large-scale ID and e-ID deployments for both government-to-employee and government-to-citizen applications. This role, formerly undertaken by the Government Task Force (GTF), has been integrated into the ITF. More details about the GTF are highlighted below.
  • Enterprise Identity – to determine GlobalPlatform’s role in addressing the long-term needs of enterprises in e-ID deployments for their employees, both when the identity is issued directly by the enterprise or it is hosted on an employee device, as in bring your own device (BYOD).
  • Consumer Identity – to determine GlobalPlatform’s role in addressing the long-term needs of consumer identity to consumer services, with respect to consumer centric e-ID models or bring your own credential (BYOC) models.

The key objectives of the task force include:

  • To evangelize GlobalPlatform’s offering to the identity market, external to the organization.
  • To analyze, identify and position business requirements relating to identity, and specifically how GlobalPlatform Specifications can be advanced to encourage developers to capitalize on the trusted execution environment (TEE) and secure elements’ (SE) ability to host secure identity services.
  • To analyze identity requirements within the IoT, M2M ecosystems and on wearables that utilize GlobalPlatform technologies.
  • To support further development of GlobalPlatform technology by the technical committees by providing input related to identity.
  • To liaise with external identity-related organizations on how GlobalPlatform technologies, such as SE and TEE, can fulfil the security requirements for the provision of strong identity.

Identity Task Force activities and achievements

2016 Activities and Priorities:

  • To develop a white paper examining the use of FIDO on GlobalPlatform secure components.
  • To discuss the advancement of IoT identity and relevant identity use cases and address derived (Personal Identification Verification (PIV) credentials on UICCs in the context of the GlobalPlatform Composition Model.

Achievements to date:

The ITF’s focus areas for 2015 were government ID requirements, derived credentials, mobile ID and ID services for proximity connected secure components. The group's key achievements included the publication of 'Mobile ID: Realization of Mobile Identity Solutions by GlobalPlatform Technologies', a white paper focused on mobile identity, in collaboration with the Mobile Task Force and the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Connection Service Requirements for GlobalPlatform Secure Components document with the Internet of Things Task Force.

As indicated above, the ITF has evolved from the GTF, which previously has:

  • Publicly releasing its Privacy Framework Requirements Document.
  • Addressed the need to upgrade the cryptographic strength of GlobalPlatform's Secure Channel Protocols (SCP) and Systems Specifications.
  • Delivered an International Organization of Standardization (ISO) mapping of GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 content management interface (ISO Framework).
  • Addressed biometrics for governments and the value-add GlobalPlatform can bring to biometric deployments.
  • Defined a specific platform configuration for ID card projects.
  • Established open sessions with government agencies to gather requirements representative of the government market.

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.