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Security Task Force

In 2014, GlobalPlatform established a Security Task Force to define the association’s security philosophy and outline how it will become more active in the security landscape. The group engages and collaborates with external security organizations to bring additional security requirements into GlobalPlatform. It also advises the association’s technical committees in security philosophies, certification and applicability.

69 GlobalPlatform member companies currently participate in this task force activity.

Security Task Force activities and achievements

2016 Activities and Priorities:

  • To continue to work on the RoT, finalizing the RoT document and broadly communicating its availability.
  • To create a Crypto Sub-Task Force to address the cryptography mechanism. The sub-task force will be in charge of:
    • Assessing the crypto mechanism.
    • Analyzing new crypto-technology. 
  • To assess the security risks and security levels for connected devices; this is a key topic and a starting point for the following discussion:
    • Supporting the technical committees in responding to FIDO’s security certification requirements. 
  • To harmonize the security vocabulary and the security concept through the Task Force and Committee. The task force will start with the following subject:
    • Discussion around on the Secure Boot mechanism, behavior and definition in the GlobalPlatform context.
  • To facilitate discussions regarding security requirements across devices incorporating secure chip technology.
    • Co-organizing an Internet of Things (IoT) Security event with the IoT Task Force.
  • To contribute actively to industry efforts to streamline security certification.

Achievements to Date:

During 2015 the group:

  • Commenced work on defining the Root of Trust (RoT), with the objective of realigning terms and concepts, and starting a new collaboration with device security experts. The RoT document, which is currently in process, clarifies requirements, security services and the chain of trust.  
  • Defined the main critical security topics on which GlobalPlatform needs to concentrate and communicate, both in respect to its own technology portfolio and the wider industry.

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.