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Japan Task Force

GlobalPlatform established a Japan Task Force in 2011 to serve as a forum for its Japanese members to gather and discuss business and functional requirements for specific market sectors within the region. The task force hosts twelve regular meetings a year, where its 14 member companies come together to progress the key aims of the group.

Japan Task Force activities and achievements

For 2016, the main activities and objectives of the task force include:

  • To promote GlobalPlatform activities within the region.
  • To share the identified business functional requirements for specific markets with GlobalPlatform through the task force and advisory council process.
  • To obtain current information from, and directly interact with GlobalPlatform executives.
  • To exchange information with other Japanese / Asian standardization bodies including the Next Generation IC Card System Study Group (NICSS), Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture (JASPAR), Asian IC Card Forum (AICF) and the Asia Pacific Smart Card Association (APSCA).
  • To introduce GlobalPlatform to mobile and other key activities within Japan and identifying areas for the association to contribute to regional activity.
  • To host annual sectoral task force meetings and a regional Advisory Council meeting for the members.
  • To host an annual joint conference with NICSS or AICF.

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.