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Internet-Of-Things Task Force

The main objective of GlobalPlatform’s Internet of Things Task Force (IoT) is to ensure that GlobalPlatform Specifications and Configurations support and drive the future integration of secure chip technology within the IoT landscape. The group brings together 71 GlobalPlatform member companies to discuss new business requirements for network-capable objects, and to identify how GlobalPlatform technology can progress to meet these advancements.

Internet-of-Things Task Force activities and achievements

2016 Activities and Priorities:

  • To assess trusted platform module (TPM) functionality on Java Card / GlobalPlatform technology.
  • To work on the management of secure components in the cloud.
  • To continue activities with oneM2M, including contribution to the Abstract Secure Environment API.
  • To further develop the STRIDE analysis document to go into more detail on how existing GlobalPlatform Specifications can fulfill security requirements.
  • To liaise with organizations that target specific vertical markets. Starting with the automotive industry, the IoT Task Force will contribute to discussions with relevant worldwide automotive organizations.
  • To liaise with the Open Mobile Alliance regarding the SCP03 Specification in LightweightM2M.
  • To develop new protocols to enable IoT / M2M remote management.
  • To review and provide feedback on the NIST 7628 revision 1 smart grid security document.
  • To identify and document use cases for secure chip and IP networks and to define requirements, both business and technical, within these use cases.
  • To identify how GlobalPlatform technology can be leveraged and, in doing so, can add value to M2M service deployment.
  • To identify how existing GlobalPlatform technologies can manage services in a secure environment (in the IoT context).
  • To contribute, as necessary, to specifications and standards of other groups to facilitate the integration of smart cards within the IP connectivity landscape.
  • To develop a white paper to address the service bootstrapping requirements and the role of GlobalPlatform.
  • To develop a technical study on the adoption of existing GlobalPlatform Specifications to protocols for constrained networks and devices.

Achievements to Date:

Over the past twelve months, the IoT Task Force:

  • Established a liaison partnership with oneM2Mm, enabling GlobalPlatform to propose technical inputs and change requests to the association.
  • Performed a threat analysis for IoT deployments, using the STRIDE methodology. This process identified solutions that GlobalPlatform can provide based on its existing specifications.
  • Published BLE requirements for wearables.

For further details, or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.