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China Task Force

GlobalPlatform established a China Task Force in 2016 to provide Chinese members, and all GlobalPlatform members with business interests in China, a dedicated platform to identify and agree on requirements from the region. The task force will also work directly with Chinese industry and standards associations.

China Task Force aims and activities

For 2016, the main activities and objectives of the task force include:

  • Act as a focus point for all GlobalPlatform technologies and promotion within different industries in China
  • Identify and establish liaisons with relevant stakeholders and organizations across a variety of sectors in the region
  • Align GlobalPlatform technology with requirements from China, in particular but not exclusively related to the TEE roadmap and specification working groups
  • Expand GlobalPlatform technology adoption and the certification regime in China
  • Align functional and evaluation requirements and provide input to define relevant specifications, and compliance and certification programs to GlobalPlatform Committees.
  • Define relevant special Chinese compliance and certification programs within the Chinese market
  • Grow the GlobalPlatform membership base in China

Deliverables in 2017 will include:

  • The translation of select existing GlobalPlatform documents, presentations, and marketing materials and the creation of new promotional materials for Chinese audiences
  • The coordination and delivery of regional meetings and topical workshops
  • The development of China use cases along with an analysis of their specific requirements
  • Defining task force objectives and developing a plan of action for proposed liaison relationships

For information on the leadership structure of the task force, please see Task Force Leaders.

For further details or to get involved in this activity, please visit the member only website or contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.