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China Task Force

GlobalPlatform established a China Task Force in 2016 to provide Chinese members, and all GlobalPlatform members with business interests in China, a dedicated platform to identify and agree on requirements from the region. The task force also works directly with Chinese industry and standardization associations. The China Task Force benefits from the engagement of 50 professionals from 27 member companies.


The main objectives of the task force include:

  • Act as a focus point for all GlobalPlatform technologies and promotion within different industries in China.
  • Identify and establish liaisons with relevant stakeholders and organizations across a variety of sectors in the region.
  • Align GlobalPlatform technology with requirements from China, in particular but not exclusively related to the TEE roadmap and specification working groups.
  • Expand GlobalPlatform technology adoption and the certification regime in China.
  • Align functional and security evaluation requirements and provide input to relevant specifications, compliance and certification programs to GlobalPlatform Committees.
  • Identify relevant special Chinese compliance and certification programs within the Chinese market.
  • Grow the GlobalPlatform membership base in China.
2017 Priorities
  • Translation of select existing GlobalPlatform documents, presentations, and marketing materials and the creation of new promotional materials for Chinese audiences.
  • Coordination and delivery of regional meetings and topical workshops.
  • Development of China use cases along with an analysis of their specific requirements.
  • Implement task force objectives and develop a plan of action for proposed liaison relationships.
  • Provide local support for GlobalPlatform’s 5th Annual TEE Seminar to be held in Beijing in September 2017.

2017 Achievements to Date

  • Established formal liaison relationship with the Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IFAA)
  • Organized China Task Force focus on four key areas:
    • Premium Content / DRM
    • Banking and Finance
    • Third party payment ecosystems
    • Cutting edge technology, to include Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)


Vicky Guo - China Task Force Chair
China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CAICT)

Ms. Guo has 11 years of experience in mobile security and her work at CAICT focuses on research within TEE architecture and technology. Her main responsibilities include managing and drafting standards for the mobile terminal TEE and bring your own device (BYOD) for the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA). She also represents CAICT within GlobalPlatform.

In 2015, Ms. Guo played a key role in CAICT becoming a GlobalPlatform qualified laboratory. She has also organized multiple TEE technology workshops and relevant discussions around the topic.

Ms. Guo was elected as Chair of the China Task Force in 2016.

Victor An – China Task Force Co-Vice-Chair / Banking and Finance

Mr. An is Co-Founder and Marketing Director at DPLS Labs. He has extensive security evaluation experience and has worked as a Project Manager for companies including Apple, Samsung and China Eastern Airlines. Mr. An was also Project Manager for GlobalPlatform’s TEE Security Evaluation Project.

Mr. An was elected as Co-Vice-Chair of the China Task Force in 2016.

Xinmiao Chang – China Task Force Co-Vice-Chair - Cutting edge technology, to include Secure Element (SE) and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

Ms. Chang joined Huawei in 2008 and serves as a Senior Engineer in the Standardization and Innovation Department. She is responsible for leading mobile payment and related security platform projects.

Ms. Chang was elected to serve as Co-Vice-Chair of the China Task Force in 2016.

Michael Lu – China Task Force Co-Vice-Chair / Premium Content / DRM

Mr. Lu is Business Development Director at Trustonic, the leading provider of TEE solutions. He is responsible for the Greater China Region for Trustonic and previously Chaired the Premium Content Task Force at GlobalPlatform. He has over 15 years of experience in the media and technology industries. Before joining Trustonic, he worked at ARM Ltd. where he was responsible for product marketing of ARM's security architecture platform and products based on ARM TrustZone technologies. His previous roles include a position with Freesat, a BBC/ITV satellite broadcasting platform in the UK, where he was responsible for UK digital TV standards and certification regime for UK retail TV and STB products.

Mr. Lu is Co-Vice-Chair of the China Task Force.

Fang Qiang – China Task Force Co-Vice-Chair / Third Party Payment Ecosystem

Mr. Qiang currently works within the Standardization and Research team at Alibaba. He has over five years’ experience in the field of information security, and has participated on behalf of Alibaba in the development of domestic and international industry standards in collaboration with organizations such as ITU, GlobalPlatform and CCSA.

Mr. Qiang is particularly interested in standardization and security research, and is dedicated to promoting the standardization of operating system technology.

Mr. Qiang was elected as Co-Vice-Chair of the China Task Force in 2016.

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  • GlobalPlatform Members: Members wishing to contribute to this activity can visit the member only website
    to join this task force.
  • Non-Members: To learn about GlobalPlatform membership, please contact secretariat@globalplatform.org.