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Our Mission

GlobalPlatform works across industries to identify, develop and publish specifications which facilitate the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology. GlobalPlatform Specifications enable trusted end-to-end solutions which serve multiple actors and support several business models.

In order to achieve this, GlobalPlatform abides by the following guiding principles:


  • To maintain the stability of specifications, changing them to meet market needs, rather than for technical elegance.
  • To preserve backwards compatibility when updating technical specifications.
  • To support a security architecture with a range of options to meet different market needs.
  • To remain form factor independent and allow implementation on a wide range of devices.
  • To develop and maintain compliance tools and a compliance program, allowing the industry to validate product adherence to the organizations specifications.


  • To develop materials that educate markets on how GlobalPlatform Specifications can support the mobile NFC, payments, government & ID and transit sectors.
  • To host technical training workshops and coordinate business seminars that ensure accessibility and understanding of GlobalPlatform's offering.


  • To deliver an external communications program that reinforces the interoperability and benefits of the GlobalPlatform Specifications, in order to educate stakeholders and drive adoption of the technology.


  • To engage members within the Advisory Council, task force initiatives and technical committees and to seek their active participation within the development of marketing and technical documents and GlobalPlatform's external communications program.