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GlobalPlatform’s Work

GlobalPlatform 是一家技术标准组织,旨在实现高效启动和管理创新、设计安全的数字服务与设备,为用户提供端到端安全性、隐私性、简单性和便利性。 该组织通过提供标准化技术认证达成此目标,这些技术和认证可授权技术和服务提供商根据其业务、安全、监管和数据保护需求开发、认证、部署和管理数字服务与设备。 组织推出的主要产品和服务包括安全组件规范设备信任架构,用于访问设备内的安全服务;IoTopia 框架,用于实现互联设备的安全启动和管理;以及 SESIP 方法论,用于物联网设备认证。

GlobalPlatform 技术运用于数十亿的智能卡、智能手机、可穿戴设备和其他互联和物联网设备中,从而在医疗保健、政府和企业标识、支付、智能城市、工业自动化、智能家居、电信、运输、公用事业和原始设备制造商等市场领域提供方便和可信的数字服务。

GlobalPlatform 标准化技术和认证通过行业推动的高效协作制定而成,此次协作由多家多元化的成员公司引领,他们与来自全球各地的行业和监管机构通力合作。

GlobalPlatform Stakeholders

GlobalPlatform empowers stakeholders across industries to develop and deliver digital devices and services that address their unique business, security, regulatory and data protection needs.

Device Makers

Accelerate secure product development, reducing costs and time to market.

Product Vendor

Ensure products meet market requirements and regulations, enabling innovation and differentiation.

Application Developer and Service Provider

Protect your data, IP and business by developing optimized secure services.

IoT Cloud Platform Provider

Develop differentiated IoT apps that will work across multiple devices, while protecting your proprietary IP.

Silicon Vendor

Provide a one-stop shop portfolio for use across multiple markets, reducing costs.

Certification Body

Establish and manage IoT certification schemes that answer specific requirements, simplify evaluations and reduce costs.


Functional and security test laboratories can deliver third-party validation services to manufacturers and OEMs, generating new revenue.

Regulator/Government Entity

Provide baseline requirements for use in mapping security mandates to market needs.

Industry Body

Collaborate with us to drive consistency across the industry and reduce complexity for stakeholders.

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