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Rémi de Fouchier

Following his recent appointment to the GlobalPlatform Board of Directors, Rémi de Fouchier discusses his vision for working with GlobalPlatform.

What is your role at Gemalto?

I joined Gemalto in 2004 and currently serve as head of the Trusted Service Management Unit. This is a new initiative within Gemalto, which is driving the deployment of mobile contactless services. I am in charge of the product marketing, research and development, service operations as well as the worldwide go-to-market and customer delivery. One of my main responsibilities is to build a bridge between banking customers, mobile network operators and service providers to deliver trusted and convenient end-user mobile services.

How does your role at Gemalto enable you to contribute to GlobalPlatform activities?

GlobalPlatform has been doing an exceptional job over the past ten years working to facilitate the secure and interoperable deployment and management of multiple embedded applications on secure chip technology. Today we are moving towards new platforms and business models and industry needs to advance in a considered manner to ensure the evolving ecosystems are interoperable and scalable. An example of this is the current mobile contactless activity.

My engagement with this market and understanding of its current and future needs means that I can offer business insight and contribute to the decision making of the Board to ensure GlobalPlatform advances its mobile standards in line with new and evolving business and technology requirements.

Although I am not new to the marketplace, I am new to GlobalPlatform and hope to be able to provide a fresh perspective to its excellent work by actively contributing to its market initiatives, technical activities and business debates.

What are the key priorities and activities that you will be engaged in this year?

2011 is definitely the year that we will begin to witness significant progress within the mobile contactless area, with further advancements being made to deploy commercial grade infrastructure. I look forward to engaging in GlobalPlatform’s activity within this sector and providing input to support its standardization efforts through the Mobile Task Force and technical committees.

What is your vision for GlobalPlatform in the next three to five years?

GlobalPlatform is a very unique forum as it actively seeks contribution from multiple players in the ecosystem and facilitates debates that address and resolve market conflict. Once a decision has been made, the association works fast to produce the tools and technology required that will benefit all actors within that sector. GlobalPlatform will be the place to create the required application deployment framework and life-cycle management standards for mobile contactless services as more markets converge to deliver exciting and innovative solutions using this platform. GlobalPlatform will need to continue to advance its offering to ensure flexibility, security and scalability to this ever-growing range of industry players.